Grapevine: Criminal makes a big getaway mistake

Accidently takes cover at police station


Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Under the Microscope?

In the wake of the scandal involving the IRS targeting conservative groups, many organizations and public figures have speculated that they too may have received extra scrutiny because of political affiliation.

Now a veteran local TV news anchor has been fired for doing just that.

Larry Conners has been an anchor at KMOV in Saint Louis for 27 years.

In a May 13 post on his public, station-affiliated Facebook page, Conners wondered if a pointed interview he had with President Obama made him a target.

Quote -- "Almost immediately after the interview, the IRS started hammering me...Can I prove it? At this time, no. But it is a fact that since that April 2012 interview...the IRS has been pressuring me."

Wednesday, Conners was fired for what the station called creating an appearance of bias.

City Confusion

Well, the hits just keep on coming for New York's latest mayoral candidate.

The brand-new campaign website for former Congressman Anthony Weiner featured a cityscape shaded behind that logo that on closer inspection was not the Big Apple.

It was actually the Pittsburgh skyline.

The company hired to design the website is taking full responsibility and the mistake has been corrected.

Choose Your Hideout Wisely

Some advice now from the Grapevine to criminals trying to make a getaway -- a police station probably isn't the best place to take cover.

This week, a man in Missouri, shoved a cop and took off running after a traffic stop.

As he chose his hiding place he probably should have read the sign outside the building first. It was the Saint Louis County Police Headquarters.

Officers say he seemed to realize where he was when he saw all the uniformed personnel.

He was arrested.

Officer Down

And finally, a touching show of support for a little girl who lost her father in the line of duty.

Phoenix Police Officer Daryl Raetz was killed during a traffic stop Sunday, three days before his daughter Tatum's kindergarten graduation.

His fellow officers, hundreds of them went to that ceremony in his place.  

Tatum received a standing ovation when she got her diploma.