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Bill O'Reilly: Grilling the IRS

Talking Points 5/17


By Bill O'Reilly

Today the House Ways and Means Committee questioning fired IRS Commissioner Steve Miller, one of his deputies J. Russell George, this because the IRS has admitted it unfairly targeted conservative groups for years.

Yet the boss, Miller, says he doesn't know much about it.


MILLER: I'm going to take exception to the content of targeting because that's a loaded term the listing was done...

REP. KEVIN BRADY (R), TEXAS: This is not a listing, you created a "be on the lookout" list.


BRADY: That's not a centralized government mandated or directed listing. You had a "be on the lookout" list that you acknowledge. Who is responsible for targeting these individuals?

MILLER: So, I don't have names for you, Mr. Brady. And I'm willing to try to find that out.


O'REILLY: Well since his last day, I think it's today. You know, come on. So let's see, in Benghazi, the Obama administration is going to find out nothing would happen and bring the terrorists to justice. And now in the IRS scandal, they are willing to find out. You sense a theme here?


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Attorney General Holder also announced a criminal investigation of what happened. Between those investigations, I think we're going to be able to figure out exactly what happened.


O'REILLY: He'll be able to figure it out. Now, I'm mocking this because it's so ridiculous. The Inspector General discovered the IRS targeting conservative groups months ago. Surely Mr. Miller and the White House both knew the IRS was being investigated. Yet now, not before, now everybody wants to find out who did what. This is why many Americans don't trust their government.

"Talking Points" doesn't know who directed IRS agents to target and I'll use that word, conservative groups and individuals. But surely Miller knows much more than he is saying. And that brings us to what happens next. Miller could be indicted. That's possible. The FBI is investigating. But only, only when IRS people from the inside start to blow the whistle will the scandal be defined. Until that happens it's all speculation.

What's not speculation is the chaos we are seeing in Washington right now. That's damaging the nation. And the President is rightfully taking massive heat. And that's "The Memo."