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Bill O'Reilly: The Obama administration going south fast

Talking Points 5/15


By Bill O'Reilly

Headline right now, the IRS scandal could be worse than Benghazi as the President fires IRS Chief Steven Miller. At this point Mr. Obama had to do that.


PRESIDENT OBAMA: I'll do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again. By holding the responsible parties accountable, by putting in place new checks and new safeguards and going forward by making sure that the law's applied as it should be in a fair and impartial way.


O'REILLY: The IRS of course admitting it targeted conservatives. But listen to this, just hours earlier than what the President just said, Jay Carney was saying that the White House can't really explain how the IRS corruption happened because the FBI is investigating.


JAY CARNEY, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I cannot obviously comment on the investigation that the Attorney General announced the other day. What I can say is that the President believes that the conduct reported in the IG's review is inappropriate. It is wrong. And there needs to be consequences for that conduct.


O'REILLY: All right. So Miller gets thrown out. But how many times are those guys going to use that ruse? That's what they said in Benghazi. An investigation is going to sort it all out. The terrorists would be brought to justice. And nothing happens.

So can we get details about the IRS admittedly abusing its power because there is an investigation we can't know generally how that happened? Come on. The agency admits targeting conservatives so please give us some indication of how that can possibly happen. It doesn't hinder the FBI.

All this chaos is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the executive branch as the President is not going to get anything done until he himself addresses the scandals in detail. Again, telling us how these things happened.

In order to guide the White House along, here are some questions that President Obama should answer at tomorrow's press conference. Question one, it's crucial. Who decided that Ambassador Susan Rice should go on five Sunday talk shows? As you know I'm a simple man with a simple question who decided to send her out there.

Here is a follow-up. E-mails released today prove that CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell signed off on Ambassador Rice's talking points even though they were proven wrong. Why hasn't Mr. Morell been ordered by you, Mr. President to explain himself? It's been eight months, when his boss David Petraeus is on record as being uncomfortable with blaming the attack on a video. And why hasn't Morell been fired like Miller?

Second question. U.S. had armed teams in Libya on the night Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed by terrorists. Why didn't those teams help the Ambassador? Very specifically, why didn't they help?

Next question. When exactly Mr. President, were you convinced the Benghazi attack was generated by organized terrorists and not by a spontaneous mob? Two weeks after the attack on 9/11, you were still referencing an anti-Muslim video when you were just told days after the attack by your own national security people that al-Qaeda was most likely linked to the killing of the Ambassador.

Finally, why was it necessary to seize phone records from the Associated Press? Why? Again a simple question.

And that's "The Memo."