Will the media ignore the IRS scandal?

Gutfeld: Turns out that the Tea Party was right


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So it turns out the butt of every liberal's joke and the target of every anchor's ire, the Tea Party, was right. They were persecuted, not just by the media, but by the media's darling, the Obama administration. How hilarious that the side screaming witch hunt was exercising one of their own.

The real fun now will be watching those in the media circle their prompters. The usual suspects -- "SNL", Colbert, and Stewart -- performed so well on Benghazi, I wonder how they'll finesse this one. Imagine one nationwide eye roll that might very well tip the West into the ocean.

It's time for the pros to get involved. Like the years prior to an intervention, we have watched the self-destruction up close. It's time to bypass the enabling media and get Obama some help because the wheels are coming off, but the cart is our country.

Remember when I asked who pushed the video? It's now who pushed the Tea Party? And the answer is the same. It's a leader who knows what he can get away with.

But it leaves to another question: why drop the IRS revelation in the heat of Benghazi. It's an old ruse. If there's a crime scene in the living room, set fire to the house.

But the U.S. cannot to have a president adored by the media. Look how much they willingly accept. As they mock the victims, incompetence reigns. It's not the president's fault, it's the press. They need impeachment.

And don't worry about their livelihoods, they'll just find jobs at Obama's White House. That at least when they lie, they will be right there in his loving, loving arms.

Bob, this has got to be incredibly mind-blowing for you.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, it is. Let me tell you why. I mean, having been the subject of my group in the `70s being targeted by the Nixon White House, the Internal Revenue Service for exactly the same thing, it was outrageous and frightening then, it is outrageous and frightening now.

Let's keep this in mind -- these allegations surfaced in 2010 some of the Tea Party groups and some others. This is not new information.

The thing that really disturbs me is Ms. Lerner who is at the Treasury Department, responsible for these organizations. These are tax-exempt organizations and there were a lot of questions about whether they were going over the line and using their tax-exempt status to get involved in the political campaign. That notwithstanding, she said she didn't know anything about it until she read about it in the press and yet she was briefed on it in 2011.

That -- I don't think for a minute the president had anything to do with it.

GUTFELD: Andrea, do you believe it was just some local flack? They always blame it on a flack.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I don't think a local flack would just do that on his own, unilaterally making the decision. But again --

BECKEL: But she's not a flack.

TANTAROS: But again, I mean, even Joe Klein of Time magazine, he makes the limp argument that everybody does this. But he does say more and more it looks like the Obama administration is incapable of running the government, at the same time they are trying to vastly expand it.

I will say this confirms every suspicion of conservatives. Greg, you said the Tea Party is vindicated. And the week before, conservative media was vindicated.

All of his enemies, and if you would have said something like this, which a lot of people did, they would have called you wacko and paranoid and crazy. And now, you're right.

GUTFELD: Yes, I'm getting out my tin foil hat.


You know what this does prove. This proves that everything we've been -- some of us have been saying, that the Obama administration has declared war on anyone who disagrees with them.

So, conservatives are the enemy and not radicalism. Conservatives are the enemy, not a jobless economy or struggling middle class. It's the conservatives.

And they are willing to use agencies, the thuggery of an agency like the IRS, to perpetrate this war on conservatives. Bob --

BECKEL: You say they are willing to use it.

BOLLING: I'm making a leap. I'm making an early leap. And you know what? I made the early leap in Fast and Furious and it was right. I made the early leap in Benghazi. It turns out I was right.

I'll go ahead --

BECKEL: OK. Who's going to win the Preakness? Could you tell me that?

BOLLING: I'm not sure. I'll figure it out.

BECKEL: Look, the idea -- first of all, these things are -- the decisions to give tax-exempt status have been sent out to Cincinnati office of the IRS. Somebody -- do I find it surprising somebody in politics said, look, these things are causing us a lot of troubles. These groups, they're putting ads on.


BECKEL: I don't know. But your assumption that this is something directed from the White House --

BOLLING: And your assumption --


BECKEL: I don't have any evidence to indicate that, until I do, I think you are grasping at straws.

GUTFELD: Dana, when you look at the media, aren't they almost becoming the disappointed parents sitting in the audience, in the auditorium, as their precious snowflake fails? They get blamed in it.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: They don't even realize how they are protecting him. Let me give you an example. EPA is responsible for lots of different things, many things. And they have rule makings of things that they have to do.

I remember one in particular on mountaintop mining. OK. So, EPA makes a decision. The headline in The Washington Post and everywhere else, the A.P., was not EPA makes decision. It was Bush administration, White House makes decision.

When it comes to President Obama, it's like he is totally absolved from running the government. So, it doesn't say, Obama administration targeting Tea Party groups. They are very careful to write the IRS, which is an independent agency, it has nothing to do with the White House, blah, blah, blah, is accused of.

So, from a pure media perspective you have to work harder. I do recommend one thing to the White House, they should not underestimate the depth of anger and disgust across the board about this. In their hopes of winning the 2014 House back from the Republicans are over.

TANTAROS: Yes. I was going to say the political point is enormous. If this isn't the greatest uniting factor for conservatives, Republicans, independents who are suspicious of Obama's big government about to take over immigration, this is going to do it. Don't blow it.

BOLLING: I'm waiting for the e-mail that surfaces that said that comes from the White House or somebody in that area to the IRS saying, hey, you know that scandal, break it now.

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