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Cavuto: Government 'still failing' on debt

Reaction to fed deficit shrinking


This might surprise some of you, but I wasn't always the genius I appear today.

In fact, there was a time there back in grade school when I kept getting these things called deficiency slips. Various teachers warning my parents that I was failing or almost failing a class.

It got to the point that I was collecting so many of these that I tried to work reverse psychology on my beleaguered parents.

When they would later ask how my grades were looking in a given quarter I'd tell them, a lot of D's, some F's, but I think I can pull some through.

Then, my report card would arrive and I'd have a C in there or maybe even two C's and you would think I were Mensa material.

Now, what's got me waxing not so poetic about my past is actually a very similar saga being played out in Washington right now.

In case you didn't hear, the federal deficit is shrinking faster than they thought.

So far through this fiscal year about 231 billion dollars less than this time last year.

All those tax hike revenues pouring in have a lot to do with that. But now back to this:

Just like that report card of mine still more loaded with a lot more D's than C's.

These guys are still failing, and I know it.

Let's keep in mind the government still carries 16.8 trillion dollars in debt.

And more coming, as the U.S. population ages and the demand for huge entitlement programs like Medicare grows.

What worries me is politicians in Washington are going to use this nice little surprise to slide, to coast, and not hit the budget-cutting books.

Take it from me, that C bought me some time, but it did not buy me a pass or make my parents think I was any less an idiot.

We still spend a lot more than we take in--that is unsustainable.

And politicians thinking they can sit back now?

Well that is inexcusable.