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Laura Ingraham: Immigration reform and the Boston bombing

Talking Points 5/3


By Laura Ingraham

If you've heard members of the "Gang of Eight" push comprehensive immigration reform, well, you have heard them repeat this tired line; "We must do something because the system is broken."

But to say the system is broken is really to remove responsibility from politicians who refuse to enforce the current laws and also the individuals who willfully break them.

In Mexico yesterday the president, off-teleprompter by the way, said we shouldn't be bogged down on border issues. Bogged down on border issues? Does it sound like someone serious about enforcement?

By the way, CBS News reported this week that illegal crossings in one border area have nearly tripled since January. That means promise of amnesty is a huge magnet. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani told me last week on radio that enforcement provisions in the proposed bill will not work, especially since Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano can waive most of the requirements.

Now suddenly Marco Rubio has gone from saying that the bill contains the toughest border controls ever to it might not pass the Senate if it's not strengthened.

Meantime, immigration and custom enforcement announced today that effective immediately it will track student visa holders to make sure they are actually enrolled in school. Of course, they were shamed in to doing this because of the revelations that two of the Boston bombers pals violated student visa requirements. It's pathetic.

By the way, remember the national security entry/exit registration system that was supposed to give extra scrutiny for visa holders from countries with terror ties? Well, in 2011, team Obama ditched it. So the system is not broken, but the politicians sure are.

And that's "The Memo."

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