Anti-Christian activist shaping DOD's policy on tolerance?

Extremist attacks 'Christian monsters,' wants Pentagon to crack down on proselytizing


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: All right. Let's start by quoting creepy man. Quote, "Today, we face incredibly well-funded gangs of fundamentalists Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christian upon their helpless subordinates in our nation's armed forces."

Now is that from a radical imam or an Islamic militant?

No, those words came from Mikey Weinstein, invited to the Pentagon to consult on religious tolerance. Yes, this nut who calls conservative Christians monstrosities runs the military religious freedom foundation which embraces anti-Christianity as one of the few prejudices left.

Maybe he's been tapped by the Pentagon to stop all those Christian bombings.

The story was ignored except as points out, a tongue kiss by Sally Quinn at The Washington Post where the people quoted in the article actually equated preaching with rape.

Look, when President Obama brought up self-radicalization, I thought he meant it was bad. With Benghazi, Fort Hood, the 100 granted benefits to terrorists and now this, as Muslim supremacist seem to blow us up, our government seems to reward them.

So, maybe I'm missing the point. Is it possible that by labeling Christians as feigns, he was looking to reward them? Are America's Christians now in line for free stuff, respect and admiration on The Huffington Post? Maybe if I declare myself radicalized, will a pop star think I'm cute?

Remember that horror movie when the babysitters tormented by some creep who keeps calling her on the phone. The scary part comes when she realizes the calls are coming from inside the house. Well, America is that house and the phone won't stop ringing. It's time to answer that call.

You know, Dana, in the process of doing this story while you were taking a long nap, I got statements from the Pentagon, the Air Force and, again, I guess that was from the Air Force, saying that this happens a lot. People request meetings. It doesn't mean they endorse it.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Right. Yes, I think that that's probably right. This is not something that our military was proposing. Or I think it's wrong to even say it was a consultant.

This guy was asking for a meeting. You invite stakeholders in. It's America. You can come in and state your -- have your statement and then get out of here. That's what they were doing.

GUTFELD: All right. I got to ask Bob.

This guy loves the m word monster or monstrous. That's all he calls Christians. Doesn't that make him a religious bigot? Isn't he blinded by the fact that he is fighting Islamophobia while doing Christian phobia?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: You use the word monster a lot, too, you know?

GUTFELD: Only when describing you in a lovable way.

BECKEL: That's right.

Look, I find -- I think this is, as Dana point out, when I was in the White House too, you have some real fruit cakes come in there to make their pitch.

PERINO: Particularly the Carter White House.

BECKEL: Yes, particularly the Carter White House. But I think this -- there are maybe elements of the Christian movement on the very fringe. But I think it's a little dangerous to be speaking about this as Christian monsters is a pretty indictable offense as far as I'm concerned.

And any time you use -- take a whole religion like Christianity and you paint it in that kind of -- with that kind of picture, you are making a terrible mistake.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: It's the last acceptable form of discrimination.


TANTAROS: And we saw with the Major Nidal Hasan terror attack, that was an incidence where the military was so indoctrinated in political correctness that that they could not identify even when he told them specifics how he was going to kill. They did nothing about it.

So I'm wondering if he can get a meeting. Can we get a meeting?


TANTAROS: Why don't we ask for one?

BOLLING: "The Five"?


PERINO: "The Five" goes to the Pentagon.

BOLLING: That's great idea.

Bob, wasn't it Homeland Security after the one point a couple years ago put out on -- what to watch out for on terror look for right wing religious extremists? Didn't they do that? I believe they did.

BECKEL: Well, there are a lot of religious extremists.

TANTAROS: Oh, yes. They are blowing up marathons every single day.

BECKEL: I'm talking about Islamists in that group?

TANTAROS: You cannot compare the two religions, I'm sorry.

BECKEL: I'm not comparing. I thought you were talking about Islamists.

BOLLING: No, I'm simply Homeland Security, it almost -- it kind of dovetails into what this guy is saying we should be pushing. Should be locking the door on the Oval Office rather than letting this guy in.

BECKEL: You don't equate it with all these other people. But I think there are Christian sects -- you go to West Virginia and go to a snake service some day and you will see.

GUTFELD: Yes. But --

PERINO: Snakes?

GUTFELD: They don't lay snakes along a marathon route.

BECKEL: How do you know?

GUTFELD: Oh my God. You are just asking questions, right?

BECKEL: Yes, I am.

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