100 days of Obama's failed agenda

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Tonight, we begin where President Obama left off earlier today, and that's celebrating the many failures of the first 100 days of his second term.

Now it all happened at a hastily called impromptu news conference earlier this morning. Now while the reporters in attendance eagerly awaited the president to break some kind of news, they were instead met with an often incoherent, rambling unimpressive commander in chief.

In fact, during the 47 minute filibuster, he found time to take -- get this -- only six reporter questions. Now here's why. His first answer lasted more than five minutes as he refused to state clearly whether or not Syria had crossed that so-called red line by using chemical weapons against its own people. Now, answer number two is nearly five minutes of lecturing all of us on why the Boston and Benghazi terror attacks were not intelligence failures. Then came my favorite answer of them all. He actually had to spent eight minutes, five seconds, trying to explain why his second term hasn't been a complete and utter failure. Now, that's a pretty tough sell.

And he did not take well to being asked about some of those potential failures. Now listen to what he said to ABC's Jonathan Karl when he was asked Obama during the press conference about just some of these failures.


JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS CHIEF WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: My question to you is, do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through his Congress?

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If you put it that way, Jonathan, maybe I should just pack up and go home. Golly.


HANNITY: I can help you pack, Mr. President.

Now all jokes aside, let's consider the state of the Obama agenda. Now, he made gun control a centerpiece of his second term. Now, that was the emotional touchstone of his State of the Union Address back in February, and yet not a single part of his legislative agenda made it out of the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Then there was Obama's effort to once again push an agenda directed against global warming. Something again he highlighted in his inaugural address. Now, that agenda has exactly zero chance of becoming law.

And as for Obama's budget. Well, it was submitted two months late and it's dead on arrival. And this is, after all, a president whose last two budgets garnered zero -- zero votes from Democrats in either the House or the Senate. Now, this budget will simply continue that trend of failure. It's simply not going to be taken seriously.

And let's not forget the disastrous way Obama sequestration strategy played out. Now Obama as you recall portrayed this sequester cuts as the coming of the apocalypse. Then the sequester came and America yawned.

And last but not the least, the famed ObamaCare. When asked about his healthcare proposal, well, let's just say, its implementation does not exactly sound all that promising. Listen to this.


OBAMA: It's still a big undertaking. And what we are doing is making sure that every single day, we are constantly trying to hit our marks so that it will be in place. And the last point I'll make, even if we do everything perfectly, there will still be, you know, glitches and bumps and there will be stories that can be written that says, oh, look, this thing is not working the way it is supposed to, and this happened and that happened. And that's pretty much true of every government program that's ever been set up.


HANNITY: Now, Mr. President, ObamaCare implementation is to quote Democratic Senator Max Baucus, "it's a train wreck." And here's a prediction -- the disastrous effects of ObamaCare will be a huge and hugely negative factor for Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections.

But getting back to the minutes of the press conference, as Obama moved to finish his time at the podium, guess what? He closed with an 18 minute monologue marathon where we learned that he still believes that Gitmo needs to be closed. Not exactly a news flash considering that he vowed to do that on his first day in office. Job well done, Mr. President, mission accomplished.

Joining me now with reaction to today's riveting news conference, author and columnist Pat Buchanan, Democratic strategist, Fox News contributor Joe Trippi. You know, as I check off all of these, Patrick J. Buchanan, I don't see a lot of success here or potential for success. Your reaction?

PATRICK J. BUCHANAN, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: You know, I was going to tick off about four out of those five that you did, and I would add immigration. I think after Boston, I think the president is going to get some border security. I think amnesty is dead when you are going to give that to 12 million people. And included in them are folks like the Tsarnaevs. So, I don't think he's going to get that.

Unfortunately for our country, Iraq seems to be coming apart, the Syrian war is disintegrating, and you take a look at Afghanistan, and it's not terribly hopeful. I think the country has got problems. But I think Sean, you are right. This president is facing basically what he must see as a stacked deck. I don't see what he gets between now and November of 2014. And brother Trippi and I were talking about that in the greenroom.

HANNITY: All right. Let's read through it. His gun agenda, dead on arrival, didn't happen because of Democrats. And then of course, we have with the president zero chance of this global warming agenda? Do you agree with that, right? Right, Joe?

JOE TRIPPI, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No. I don't agree with you on the gun control thing.

HANNITY: Oh, really? What happened then?

TRIPPI: No, he didn't get anything, but it wasn't just Democrats. Republicans were going to filibuster.

HANNITY: Whoa, whoa. The red state Democrats aren't supporting him, Joe.

TRIPPI: Look, three or four red state Democrats.

HANNITY: Three or four red state Democrats.

TRIPPI: When you need 60 votes in the Senate to get it done because of Republicans across the filibusters, you need everything plus four or five Republicans and that clearly wasn't going to happen.

BUCHANAN: Bottom, bottom-line, Joe -- Joe, he's not going to get gun control, is he?

TRIPPI: No. I mean, bottom line, Pat is right. I think -- and I think that's what we are going to end up running between now in 2014 is nothing is going to get done. The parties didn't get together after the election. And 2014 will be a fight about whether he didn't get anything done or whether the Republicans --

HANNITY: Hang on. Hang on. But go through the list. His budget dead on arrival. Three budgets in a row. He can't get one Democrat to support. Sequestration --

BUCHANAN: Sean, he is not going to get 10 cents in new taxes out of that republican house, which means just what you said is correct. His budget is dead. The big budget deal is dead. The best they are going to get is cobble some little thing together.

TRIPPI: Yes. No, and Sean, just to be clear, the only part I disagree with you about is somehow it's because he can't get enough Democrats. He can't get enough of either party.

HANNITY: Well, maybe it's because -- well, I'll tell you why, Joe. Maybe it's because he's a demagogue, and maybe if he stops saying like in the case of the sequester, maybe the demagogue should stop saying that the world is coming to an end when we're going to spend more money this year than last year. Maybe he should stop saying Republicans want dirty air and water and hate grandmothers and want to kill them and stab them and shoot them and throw them over the cliff. Maybe the demagogue isn't working.

TRIPPI: I think that water is flown out under the bridge a long, long time ago on both sides.

BUCHANAN: Joe, let me ask you, did he not make a terrible mistake by issuing the red line and game changer if the Syrians do this? And then to back off it now? I don't think he has got the authority to attack Damascus. Congress hadn't authorized war but why did the President of the United States go out there and threaten war when he doesn't have the power? And he doesn't believe he wants to do it.

TRIPPI: No, I think he said today he wants to be sure before he does, that they cross the red line before anything.

HANNITY: Every intelligence agency has confirmed and our government has confirmed.

TRIPPI: Yes. Sean, we've actually -- yes, I remember about weapons of mass destruction that we went into Iraq and never found.

HANNITY: Joe, Joe, he drew a red line and they crossed it and he's not going to do anything.

TRIPPI: You do not know that the Syrian government used those weapons.

HANNITY: Well, according to the Israelis, our allies in Western Europe he did.

TRIPPI: According to them he had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, too.

BUCHANAN: Sean, let me halfway agree with brother Trippi here. I don't think the American Air Force ought to go into actions against Syria and make us de facto allies of the Muslim brotherhood and an Al Qaeda group called, the Al-Nusra front.

HANNITY: Listen, I agree but here's the problem. A President that draws red lines in the sand and has no intention of ever backing them up, he puts us on a world stage looking tremendously weak, and that we don't look committed and he's not somebody our allies can trust and our enemies are going to fear. That's a problem.

BUCHANAN: Well, you know, that's right. He's got egg all over his face on this issue. No doubt about it. He should never have done that. But I do think he's better off thinking it through now rather than plunge ahead and going with his ultimatum and starting dropping bombs in a war the American people don't want to fight.

HANNITY: And the last thing is ObamaCare --

TRIPPI: What he knows for sure I think he will do what he said. That's the difference here.

HANNITY: Whatever. Hillary Clinton said that they had weapons of mass destruction, Ted Kennedy said it, all the Democrats said it, as well, Joe, so everybody was wrong.

TRIPPI: I didn't say it, and everybody was wrong.

HANNITY: All right, you were right for once. But health care is going to be the biggest problem. The implementation of ObamaCare.

BUCHANAN: It is a train wreck just ahead. I would say January 1.

HANNITY: January 1, I would agree with Patrick. Patrick J. Buchanan in the crossfire tonight. Good to see you both.

BUCHANAN: Good to see you.

TRIPPI: Good to see you.

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