Mysterious 'Misha' denies involvement in Boston attack

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: We are finally hearing from the man that is known as "Misha." Now, the mysterious man that alleged the alleged bombers' uncle said was responsible for radicalizing the older brother, claiming quote, "It started in 2009 and it started right there in Cambridge. This person just took his brain, he just brainwashed him completely."

Now, those comments triggered a frenzied search by investigators and the FBI did track him down, and so did a reporter from The New York review who says that Misha, a 39-year-old, lives in an apartment complex with his elderly parents. He confirmed he in fact was a convert to Islam and that he had known the Boston bombing suspect. But he flatly denies any part in the bombing saying quote, "I was not his teacher. If I had been his teacher, I would have made sure that he never did anything like this."

Here with reaction to the latest developments on the case. Former LAPD detective, Fox News contributor Mark Fuhrman and a former FBI assistant director in New York, Bill Gavin.

Gentlemen, welcome back to "Hannity."



HANNITY: All right. Mark -- obviously a problem with your audio.

Let's start with you. The CIA had him on a watch list. The FBI, they've interviewed the guy. The Russians, they knew that this guy, they had a tape of him and the mother, you know, talking about Jihad. And why should any American -- if I am in Boston and this is my family member killed or maimed, I'm angry tonight that our government screwed this thing up and screwed it up royally.

FUHRMAN: I think, Sean, I think you are right. But I believe that when the Russians contacted our State Department and it ultimately ended up in the Boston office of the FBI. They went out and did what their protocols actually required, and they found, regardless of how good or how bad that investigation was and who did it. Certainly, that's not my biggest question. I mean, we can actually say that those things do happen, good or bad.

But host that interview, did nobody at that office remember that they had a request from Russia to investigate somebody that they felt was an extremist, a jihadist extremist there? Where was the agent, where was the clue? How was the case file routed? How come they couldn't retrieve it? How come nobody door knocked this guy's, the suspect's apartment, just days, maybe a day, maybe hours after the bombing just to eliminate some of the possibilities?

HANNITY: Yes. Bill Gavin, look, I'm the biggest supporter of law enforcement here. I'm not even sure necessarily if I'm angry at them, but if the Russians had tape of this guy saying Jihad, they warned the American government a couple of times, CIA had him on a watch list, we've got -- and then we find out through Michele Bachmann, she went through the FBI training manuals and they have all been altered. And all the training manuals, any references to jihad, Islamic radicals have been removed since Obama has been president. So, to what extent maybe that played a role, that we are not allowed to look even down that road anymore?

GAVIN: Sean, first of all, I agree with you that if, in fact, all these factors occurred, then the people who are victims and related to victims have the right to be very angry.

Bottom line is, though, let's peel it back to what happens in a case like this. The Russians are up on phones to Chechenians, there's no doubt about that. They don't have the same restrictions of course that we have in the United States, they just do what they want to do.

Now, when they can identify somebody, they say, OK, how are we going to work it? We will call the investigative agency within the United States, the FBI, and tell them this guy was talking about terrorism. And so the FBI, based on that, they know how to push the buttons.

HANNITY: Right. But here's the problem, the timeline is very close. They never followed up. This guy had an entire YouTube channel with radical jihadist information on it. Now, I would think even if you interviewed him, it certainly would put him on the let's check in six months list and let's hit Google because if you hit Google, you're going to find this guy his radical YouTube page.

GAVIN: And you also have to make sure that you uphold the rights of people within the United States.

HANNITY: All you have to do is hit Google. There's no violation of rights here. He didn't follow up.

FUHRMAN: We aren't talking about rights. There's no rights. Sean, there is no rights issue here. This is law enforcement. Law enforcement means that anything, any consensual contact, anything that can be seen from the public, heard or read from the public, it's up for grabs.

But the biggest problem I have is, did the FBI -- and maybe Mr. Gavin can answer this. -- did the FBI pass this information on to the Boston Police Department? Because I will guarantee, if cops, these regular street cops, street detectives, if they had this information, the bomb goes off, it looks like a homemade type, terrorist-type bomb usually coming from the Middle East or at least the technology, they would have pulled out anybody that had any bomb threats, any radical -- anybody that was in possession of bomb material.

GAVIN: Mark, what you really have to understand is the GTTF is compose of not only FBI but law enforcement in Boston as well. Boston PD, the state police. Everybody is involved in this. And I think that to say that the Russians overheard a conversation talking about jihad, I want to see the conversation. I want to have somebody verifies that.

HANNITY: I'll tell you --

GAVIN: -- if they do these things all the time.

HANNITY: From the Associated Press, the Associated Press has the conversation. They are the ones that are saying it. Nobody is disputing it. And wait a minute. Nobody has disputed that the Russian government warned us about the older brother on numerous occasions. Nobody is disputing that the FBI investigated him. And the other thing is nobody is denying that this was him on the YouTube page with all these radical jihadists, including this Australian Imam that has been, you know, trying to incite people to martyrdom.

GAVIN: That's absolutely true. Nobody is disputing it. But what I'm saying is, that you have to really parse out everything that the Russians tell you in this case.

HANNITY: The Russians are trying to help us.

FUHRMAN: Sean, Sean --

GAVIN: They've been helping us for years. Sean, I'm shocked that you think that the Russians have been helping us in this case.

HANNITY: In this case, they've got the mother talking with the son about jihad and we didn't listen to them.

GAVIN: So they say. So they say. I want to see this.

HANNITY: Here is what is frustrating. All you had to do is go on YouTube and look at this kid's YouTube video page and see one radical imam jihadist after another, Mark?

FUHRMAN: Sean, you know, there's something else here. When you do a background investigation, certainly every law enforcement agency in this country, from the FBI all the way down to the lowest rural law enforcement, you have photographs. You have DMV, you have booking photographs. In his and Tamerlan's background investigation, the FBI did, they had a booking photo from 2009, front and side view, very clear. They had a DMV photo in their file. Where is that file?

And when they started pulling videos and they actually saw the two suspects that they believed were responsible for the bombing, they have no photos of him. Yet the file was somewhere in the FBI maze in Boston or somewhere else and nobody could retrieve it and nobody could remember they talked to this kid. Where is the FBI agent that talked to him? How come we haven't seen him? And the very task force leader of this bombing was the agent in charge of that office in 2010, he came to that office in 2011, he was the agent in charge there. Does he not remember anything to do with this possibility?

HANNITY: Apparently not. All right. The ball was dropped. That's all there is -- at this point, I don't think there's any other conclusion. And the worst part of this is that the training manuals for the FBI were altered in this PC insane world of Barack Obama to remove any references to radical jihadists. That is living in a world that is not rooted in reality and not recognizing an enemy that is capable of doing what these two did.

We'll stay on it. Thank you both.

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