All-Star Panel: Analysis of FBI hunt for Boston suspect

'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in


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PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Yes, we will find you.  And yes, you will face justice. We will find you, we will hold you accountable. But more than that, our fidelity to our way of life, to our free and open society, will only grow stronger, for God has not given us a spirit of fear and on timidity but one of power, and love, and self- discipline.


BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: President Obama in Boston today at an interfaith service, saying we will "finish this race." Let's bring in our panel, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, Charles Lane, opinion writer for the Washington Post, and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer.

OK, the big news, obviously, within the past hour and a half, Charles, the video, the images, your thoughts?

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: They obviously had to weigh the fact that they arel now going to get a huge amount of information a lot which will be just disruptive and extraneous. But I would guess the reason they released this is two reasons. Number one, the radius of escape is now large, three days.  I's like you drop a stone in the pond and the ripple effects. And even though I am sure they have looked at the video from all the airports, and if you live in New England, as I did once, the drive to the Canadian border is not long, and once you're in Canada it might be easier to escape. So I think they wanted make sure that the escape radius stays where it is and everybody in America has a look at this.

Second, I think is the problem of trying to differentiate this from other images. I think what they also want to do is to have everybody who was on the scene and who took a picture have a look immediately at the background. Backgrounds which they might have dismissed to see if either of these two guys appears so they could get extra important information really quickly within hours.

BAIER: Chuck, suspect two is the guy with the white ball cap backwards.  The FBI says he set down the backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the Forum restaurant, and they're asking anybody at the Forum restaurant or anywhere near there with pictures or video to look for him.

CHARLES LANE, EDITORIAL WRITER, WASHINGTON POST: I looked at these videos as a really hopeful sign in the investigation both for what they are in themselves and the mere fact that they are being released I think is all a good sign. And obviously what this shows is the tremendous benefit to law enforcement that comes from people having these cell phones and other devices on them. I guess, looking at these pictures, one concern I had, there has been some discussion as to whether these guys were disguised in the pictures -- will they change their appearance now; put on wigs, put on false beards or whatever. If they've been trained in any kind of tradecraft, if they are that kind of operative, that would be a concern. So there is going to be that limitation on what you can get from this.

BAIER: I brought up, Judge, the caution that the FBI has been wrong before.


BAIER: These are suspects.


BAIER: Richard Jewel, other examples, they feel confident and they put these out. But we're in an investigation.

NAPOLITANO: We're in an investigation. The FBI obviously needs some assistance. The FBI has thousands of hours of tapes from all of the various sources from people's iPhones and BlackBerries as well as the commercial tapes in the area.  They have shown us little clips that we are seeing. Because there is a piece of the puzzle they don't have. There is a lot that they have not yet told us.

My gut, there are more than two people involved. Somebody trained them, somebody taught them, somebody sent them there, somebody helped them to get away. My gut tells me that thee FIB is on the trial of some other people as well. But these are two pieces of the puzzle that because of a modern day wanted poster – which we're now looking at, which hundreds of millions of people can see, will help bring the FBI to these two and thus to the others.

LANE: Well, on your point, if I may, Bret, about the possibility that this is a mistake and these are the wrong people --

BAIER: I am just raising the issue.

LANE: But it's a great issue to raise. And I think one of the important things to recall about this if they are the wrong people and they see themselves on TV, they can head right in to the FBI and say it wasn't me. If they don't in the next few hours that's just going to help the FBI confirm they are on the right track.

BAIER: Sure. Right.

KRAUTHAMMER: If it is the wrong guys, they should call ahead before showing up at the police station.

NAPOLITANO: You've got that right.

BAIER: Yeah, speaking of wrong information. As this is coming out, I mentioned with Bill Hemmer, there's the story of the original Saudi national that was questioned in the hospital as a person of interest. And he was --

NAPOLITANO: The guy who was tackled by civilians.

BAIER: Right, and he was questioned and he was let go. He was not a suspect. The authorities said he was not a part of it. There was a story that he was being deported, that the president did meet with the Saudi foreign minister in the White House. That is true. But it is a second Saudi student he's not deported. The second Saudi student was arrested on a visa violation, overstaying his visa.  He may be deported, but not in any connection to Boston. So you have all of the information flying around. These are two separate people, and the FBI saying, whatever you hear, these are the two guys.

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, that is important because you can get all kinds of conspiracy theories, cover-ups, the Saudi – why is he being deported? Why is there a meeting? All of these, I think, are sort of really harmful. If the FIB says these are our guys, it isn't a cover up, it isn't a conspiracy. I think the likelihood that it is Islamic terrorism on the history of the attacks in the homeland for the last decade, you say it is probably 50/50.

However, the fact that there has been no declaration of anybody saying we did it as normally happens when it is jihadist so the propaganda affect isn't there, and, second, the fact that it is a crude operation -- Al Qaeda doesn't often do trash cans or backpacks -- indicates it could be, at least I think it is slightly more likely non Al Qaeda, non-jihadist.

BAIER: And there is social media, Twitter, Facebook, that they're looking at, there may be a lot of tips, Catherine Herridge said.

Down the line, quick 10 seconds, do they find these guys or no?

KRAUTHAMMER: Yes, but it could take a while.

LANE: Yes, I think they will find them, and probably sooner rather than later.

NAPOLITANO: Before the week is out I think. With 100 million eyes looking at them, somebody's going to see them.

BAIER: Panel, thank you. Next up, an Elvis impersonator accused of trying to poison President Obama and a Republican senator who once hired him to sing. 

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