Giuliani: 'I think they're getting close' to an arrest in Boston

Former NYC mayor on Boston bombing investigation


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, we got Rudy Giuliani on the phone with us right now.

I'm sure, Mayor, you have heard of these disputed reports as to what....



I have been watching this all afternoon, yes.

CAVUTO: All right, a suspect at hand, then not at hand.

How important is it to find somebody, nab somebody, identify somebody, and soon? What do you think?

GIULIANI: Well, it's important to do that. Obviously, it's important to get the right person.

And these things can't happen on any timetable. I have investigated too many cases and had to too often warn people, "Let's not go too fast. Let's make sure we're right." These things always take longer than the public would like it to take.

Now, I was in London when the bombings took place in London. And it took them a couple of days, I think about a week, to actually get the people, figure out all the people who did it. So, I'm just surprised by the false reports.

I don't know exactly why somebody would leak an arrest that's going to be made and then somebody else deny it. But...


GIULIANI: ... that -- that happens.

CAVUTO: It does.

And who are we to judge? I can only go on information we get, Mayor. And when news of -- is delayed or conferences are delayed -- for example, just getting word right now, Rudy, that an FBI presser that was scheduled about a half-hour from now has been pushed back.

Normally -- I could remember a lot of your press events right after 9/11. You would wait until you had the information you needed that was going to be the source of the presser to begin with. But are -- what are we to read into that? Anything?

GIULIANI: I'm going to go out on a limb and tell you I think they're getting close. I think they're getting close, because probably those leaks come from people that aren't right immediately on the inside, but they're watching what's going on, and they must be getting close to somebody.

And they probably put off the 5 o'clock because they have got maybe three-quarters of the information, but not everything that they need. But it sounds like they're getting -- they're getting -- they're zeroing in on somebody.

CAVUTO: What if it more than a somebody? Does it make a difference, or is there a difference, Mayor, if it's -- if it's a network of bad guys or one...

GIULIANI: Yes, sure.

CAVUTO: ... lone wolf guy?

GIULIANI: Well, it makes a very big difference in how you handle it.

If it's more than one person, and you only have one, maybe you don't want to announce that arrest right away because you're going to alert the other people to take off. And that would be a consideration. If it's just one person, and you're sure it's just one person, well, then you make the arrest and you get it over with.

But if you're still going to be look for two or three people, you might want to time that so you don't alert the other people to run away.

CAVUTO: It comes out at the same time, Mayor -- and even though they're -- we're -- they're told to be disconnected, the ricin letters that went to a U.S. senator and the president of the United States -- we're going to get into that more with our Mike Emanuel shortly.

But there was a sequence of events spread out a little bit more after the 9/11 attacks that hearkens back to that time.

GIULIANI: I remember it well.

CAVUTO: I'm sure you do.

And I'm wondering whether you're drawing the same analogies.

GIULIANI: Well, when anthrax hit, which was approximately a month after September 11...

CAVUTO: Right.

GIULIANI: ... we were being warned of chemical and biological attacks for weeks by the FBI.

We had even had internal private seminars on getting ready for anthrax and getting ready for sarin gas and that sort of thing. So when it happened, I have to tell you, I was 100 percent sure that it was connected. And now, over the years, it looks like it -- it wasn't.

But, at the time, it sure looked like there was a connection between the two things. And I guess there's -- right now, they don't seem to have any connection. But you can't rule that out. The coincidence is just too great. So, you're going to have to keep that in mind while you investigate this.

CAVUTO: All right, Mayor, thank you very, very much, Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

GIULIANI: Take care.

CAVUTO: I believe he's in Buffalo, New York, at this hour.

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