Why the left embrace armed radicals, mock an armed populace

More Hollywood heavyweights throw their support behind '60s radicals


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, last week, we saw Robert Redford crawl up the butt of the Weather Underground, bona fide terrorists who killed innocent people.

Now, it's Jada Pinkett, who's gone pinko, showing her new flick on Angela Davis, the commie who tried to help a murderer flee form jail. Her boyfriend, George Jackson, had committed five armed robberies before killing a guard. He also wanted to poison the water system of Chicago. Great guy.

In 1970, his brother Jonathan entered a courthouse armed with a shotgun that Davis had bought. That gun blew a judge's head off.

So whatever became of Davis? Surprise. She was awarded a faculty job and a salary far beyond a prison guard's widow. How funny is that left wing academics mock law abiding folks with guns, yet somehow always embrace armed radicals who want to destroy America?

I guess one is cool and the other isn't, which is why Jada is hawking her flick, called "Free Angela and All Political Prisoners". How objective was she when covering her subject?

Here's Jada describing Davis, quote, "She never apologized for her politics or her associations and she always looked fabulous doing it."

So, look fab and have the right politics and Hollywood bends over.

What dirt bags.

Thankfully, though, Jada strongly condemns bullying.

Yea, bullying, the go-to issue for celebrities who cannot truly condemn deadly behavior. I guess being called names is far worse than getting your head shot off. So hurray for Hollywood, a place where terrorists get tributes and Charlton Heston gets humiliated. Hollywood, it's how we speak to the world and we're telling the world how we suck.

Bob, I know you like Angela Davis. But I want to pose this question to you. Imagine if a Republican had a hard-core contingent of violent right wing radicals. Would Hollywood ever celebrate that?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: No. But, you know, you always go -- it's always can you imagine if this was a Republican? Can you imagine --

GUTFELD: But it's true. Your ilk embraces violent radicals.

BECKEL: Let me say something about Angela Davis, is that she has had, she never was arrested or convicted of anything. That shotgun was taken out of her house. She, it is--

GUTFELD: Which she purchased for the escape.

BECKEL: No, she did not purchase it.

GUTFELD: Yes, she did. She purchased it.

BECKEL: She is a communist, which is why everybody hates her. But she is a very--

GUTFELD: I hated her because she's a criminal. A judge is dead.

BECKEL: She never was convicted of any crime.

GUTFELD: Yes. Why was she acquitted? I think one of the jurors ended up becoming a lover of her supporters.

BECKEL: She never went to trial.

GUTFELD: She was acquitted. I read this trial, I read it. She bought the arms that were used.


BECKEL: Let me ask you this. In this country, if we are found not guilty, is there some reason we can't pursue life normally like everybody else?

GUTFELD: That is a good question. I think it's disgusting that academics embrace these people. These are horrible people, whether it's Boudin, whether it's Bill Ayers. I mean, Boudin, who shouldn't be in Columbia, she should be, well, in the country of Colombia, in a jail.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: She spent, what, 22 years in prison for an armed car robbery that killed two cops, and then Columbia University welcomes her with open arms. These are, all of these people, including Davis, they're the old heroes of the new left.

And your point about bullying is a good one, because take whether she is a criminal or not off the table. She was a clear communist for sure. And I just want what Jay-Z and Jada Pinkett and Will Smith think about communism, because communism is bullying. It's taking people's civil liberties away from them, it's stripping them of their rights. And it's the exact same thing that our Founding Fathers tried to prevent from happening.

And all of them, Kathy Boudin, Angela Davis, all of them, communists and they are glorified in academia.

GUTFELD: Can I play a SOT of Jada talking about this on "Good Morning America" about the historical significance of Angela Davis.


JADA PINKETT SMITH, ACTRESS: It is a powerful piece of American history. Like people think they know the story of Angela Davis, and even think we know all the different aspects of that particular era, but we don't. And I felt like Angela Davis represented such a dynamic, charismatic figure of this time. And she really was in the middle of kind of the building blocks of the America that we see today.


GUTFELD: Yes. So she is a communist, a Marxist, a feminist proponent of radical violence, if she's the building block of America today, Dana.

This is what's scary. These are people who shape history through media, by the way, a pliant media.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Well, right. Andrea pointed out, if you look at the very end of the interview, the interviewer, probably never heard of Angela Davis in his life. And she's like, all right, absolutely.

Remember when we used to watch Current TV when Al Gore was -- whenever he did the interview and all the anchors were like, oh, good point.


GUTFELD: Because they don't read up on stuff.

BECKEL: You get a chance to talk yet?


BECKEL: I have one more thing I like to say. You go ahead.

BOLLING: Well, I can wait.

GUTFELD: I want to get Eric in this.

BOLLING: Can I just point something out? Bill Ayers, University of Chicago. Bernardine Dohrn, Northwestern Law. Boudin, Columbia. Hollywood embracing anyone who's a communist, a Marxist or a leftist, Sean Penn, Jada Pinkett.

What is it with Hollywood and academia, I don't know, covering up for, or just forgetting the past of some of these radical leftists who have killed people.

GUTFELD: Do you know what's great? They hate law abiding citizens with guns, but they love radicals with guns who actually kill people.

BECKEL: Greg, you all were not --

GUTFELD: Oh, wait, I wasn't old enough, right?

BECKEL: You did not --


BECKEL: Wait a second. During that period of time, when there was a lot of radicalism in the United States, and the anti-war movement--which I was a part of, and a lot of other movements--the government, the police departments and others persecuted people unnecessarily. They did the kind of thing --

GUTFELD: I say necessarily here.

BECKEL: Well, you say necessarily here. I'm talking about the late '60s and '70s when police and the government stepped all over our constitutional rights because we happened to disagree with the government.

Now, at some point, you're going to get angry about it. She spoke about it, a lot of people did. She had a right to do it then because she was right then--

BOLLING: So, blow up a police station.


BOLLING: Then years later, Bob, hide them at Columbia, at Northwestern, at the University of Chicago--some of our most important institutions of learning.


BECKEL: The police and the government officials who put people unnecessarily in jail and kept them there, those pigs should have gone away a long time ago.


TANTAROS: Wait, hide them? They are not hidden at Columbia University. They are exalted like royalty at these institutions.

And, I -- really, I would just love, maybe it's naivety, I don't know, but I would love to see an America under communism, under Angela Davis'

view, let's see if Jay-Z would be the richest man in the world, if he could do whatever he wants. Let's see if Will Smith could make those movies under a communist regime that Angela Davis purported.

BECKEL: Do you think the government had the right to wiretap people illegally? You think the government had the right to railroad --


TANTAROS: So, let's just kill people.

GUTFELD: By the way, this is a decoy debate. We are not talking about that. What we are talking about is a group of people that killed three of their own; building a bomb that they were going to place in Fort Dix.

They were going to kill troops and their wives at a dance, but the bomb went off, thank God, and killed them, blew one girl's head off, blew her feet off.

Dustin Hoffman had to rescue one of them in the East Village. These people should be dead. They tried to kill our troops, Bob.

BECKEL: There is no excuse for that. They should have been prosecuted and they should have been put away, I agree with that. But I don't think that you can just dismiss those times when the government and the police departments broke the law.


BOLLING: No one is saying we shouldn't have a right to protest and disagree. Peaceful protests, though, not blow people up.

BECKEL: You ever speak out against the people that railroaded us into jail?

GUTFELD: But, Bob, don't you think they are using you? The people that are communists that want to overtake America are using your naivety to do this? Because they're saying, "we're for what you believe in," when they really want something violent.

They want -- these people are no different than the Manson family. In fact, the Boudins used this symbol called the fork. You know what that meant?


GUTFELD: That was the fork that was used to kill --

BOLLING: Sharon Tate.

GUTFELD: Sharon Tate. These are sick people.

BECKEL: I have a friend of mine who was railroaded by the FBI and went to jail for 12 years on phony charges because they wanted him off the street.

BOLLING: So, protest, Bob. So, protest.

BECKEL: We did. But those FBI guys should have been put in jail.

BOLLING: You don't blow people off if you don't get your way.

BECKEL: You shouldn't have railroaded people, right?

PERINO: I just want to make one last point. So, neither you nor Jada Pinkett were old enough to live through it as Bob pointed out. But you read the history and came out with a different view than Jada did.

At our universities, you actually don't get the point of view that you just put forward, which would then allow students to think it through and come to their own conclusion.

BOLLING: That's a good point. Our kids are learning from these radicals, and they're going to have their version of history, which will be different from Greg's and Bob's.

PERINO: And that's why everybody should watch "The Five" everyday and "Red Eye" so they can hear from Greg.

GUTFELD: Yes, and don't go see Jada's movie.

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