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Author pushes campus love connection


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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Now, should girls be looking for a husband when they go to college? One mom thinks so. Susan Patton just sent a letter to young women at Princeton, her alma mater, urging them to get their "MRS" degree along with their bachelor's.

This was in The Daily Princetonian -- Patton writes, quote, "Find a husband before you graduate. Smart women can't, shouldn't marry who are at least their intellectual equal. There is a limited population of men who are as smart or smarter than we are. You will never again be surrounded by this concentration of men who are worthy of you."

She says to Megyn Kelly about her advice earlier.


SUSAN PATTON, PRINCETON ALUMNA: Women want to be married, and they want to have children. Many of them do. Not all of them do.

And very distinctly my advice and that's all it was advice, nature of advice, take it, don't take it, all OK, was just start thinking about this sooner. And if the women's movement has truly empowered us to make the choices that are best for us, this is one of those choices.


GUILFOYLE: See, I like articles like this, because it kind of stirs it up, the controversy.

Bob, you have some interesting thoughts on this.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well, the first thought I had is who married her?


BECKEL: Let me just put it this way, the idea of suggesting the only -- first of all, there are a limited number of smart men. There are a lot more than a limited number. But to suggest that somehow in Princeton, that they are smarter than -- men are smarter than other people, there are smarter men who don't go to college, who get out of high school.


BECKEL: There are plenty smart men everywhere.

So, this woman to say this is just -- you know, this is the height of elitism right here. As I said, if I had to be around this woman, I'd need a shotgun.

GUILFOYLE: All right. Bolling?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: How do I say this? It appears to be -- let me generalize a little bit. I think men marry because they are really attracted to women, looks. And I think women marry because they really want to fall in love.

So, mom's heart was in the right place.


BOLLING: Successful men, smart men, challenging men at Princeton.

But what mom may not have realized was if you are under 18, you have a 48 percent chance of getting divorced within 10 years. If you are 18 or 19 it goes to 40 percent. As you get older, 20 to 24, it drops to 29 percent.

And above 25, it drops even further.

As you marry older, your marriage is more likely to last.

GUILFOYLE: You have you more life experience.

BOLLING: It is a bad idea to encourage your 22-year-old to hurry up and get married before she leaves Princeton.


TANTAROS: I don't know where to begin. Smart women shouldn't marry men who aren't as smart as them? Smart women don't marry stupid men. Men marry dumb women all the time. That's the truth.

Now, I think back to the men I knew in college and I wouldn't call them men. They were boys. I mean, they were funneling beers and having belching contests.

So good luck, ladies. I mean, if you can find a really mature man who's ready for marriage at that age and supportive partner, I'd say go for it. I do agree with Bob. There's a lot more smarter men out there than we think. I agree with Eric. I think young love, again, if you can find it, but it's probably not that realistic.

And I will say this, though, I did have a different way of looking at what she said. What Sheryl Sandberg said with her "Lean In" column was find the importance of a good partner. That's very, very important. I tackled this on the radio show and even Megyn Kelly came on, a number of women, Marsha Blackburn, the governor of Oklahoma, Marry Fallin, they all said, ladies, find the right partner. Take the time to find a supportive partner and that's how --

GUILFOYLE: Well, don't close the door if he is at Princeton.

JESSE WATTERS, GUEST CO-HOST: I mean, I think, Bolling, you could agree on this. If you are in college and a girl starts talking to you about marriage, you are out the door.

BOLLING: You run to the baseball field.

WATTERS: Run for the hills. That's bad advice I think.

GUILFOYLE: Maybe now a days.

WATTERS: Yes, nowadays it is. Also, I knew a kid that went to Princeton. He aced the SATs. He is probably the dumbest kid I met. He smokes pot every day, doesn't have a job.

And I really don't think a lot of the smartest kids are all at Princeton.


GUILFOYLE: She went to Princeton though, right? So, she's saying, listen, if you're in Princeton, I don't think it's a bad place. If I am going to go fishing, I want to fish in a lake that has some fish in it.

BOLLING: S big fish.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, some big fish.

If you are into smart guys, then you o there. If you are into hot guys, I don't know.

But let me tell you something, my father-in-law (INAUDIBLE) or whatever you want to call him. He went to Princeton and married his wife while at Princeton and asked permission of the dean and they have been married 50 plus years.

BECKEL: That's sweet. If you are going fishing in a pond, I wouldn't go to Princeton. I'd probably go to the East River.

GUILFOYLE: But you also suggest that these ladies should come to your place, to your apartment.

BECKEL: Well, I did. But, by the way, 48 percent, that's the whole universe now. It's getting worse and worse.

TANTAROS: That's because there is a Peter Pan syndrome with guys.

They are raised to stay children as long as humanly possible, and women can't find really strong men.

WATTERS: We are mature guys. Bolling is mature. Beckel is pretty mature.

TANTAROS: You are a total anomaly, by the way.

WATTERS: Thank you.

BOLLING: I think marrying later is a much smarter and more mature and you know exactly what's probably what's going to keep you together.

GUILFOYLE: Or keep trying. Keep trying until you get it right. You got to be positive, optimistic.

BECKEL: How many times did you try?

GUILFOYLE: Mama is coming to Princeton next.

TANTAROS: Hang out at Princeton this fall?

GUILFOYLE: Totally, I am getting another degree. I'm going to get you (ph).

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