Friday Lightning Round: Abortion doctor trial in PA

Panel sums up this week's hot topics


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SHANNON BREAM, ANCHOR: Every week viewers vote for your choice online in our Friday Lightning Round poll. This week is winners and losers. We're going to get to that. That won with 33 percent of the vote. But first we're going to talk about the latest with the abortion doctor trial in Philadelphia. We've got some sound related to that.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Under something called the Born Alive Infant Protection Act that child is a person and is entitled to all protections of federal law.


BREAM: Of course, we're discussing the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia accused of really mismanaging and carrying out some gruesome procedures at his clinic. The National Abortion Federation counters the statements that have been made about Dr. Gosnell by saying "This particular facility in Philadelphia is an outlier and not typical of the high-quality abortion care provided by the majority of the abortion providers in this country."

Lets' bring our panel back in to talk about it. Chuck, I'm going to start with you because this trial is playing out as we see some states passing the most restrictive abortion laws we've seen in decades.

CHARLES LANE, EDITORIAL WRITER, WASHINGTON POST: Yeah, and I think they are going to draw additional support from the revelations in this case. We should always say that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We haven't heard the defense case yet. But the prosecution has laid on some very strong evidence including eyewitnesses, physical evidence, alas of the dead babies themselves.

And I must say, it's doubly shocking to read how this case was discovered in the first place. Apparently the FBI raided his office because he was suspected of running a narcotics operation out of this office as well. They found $250,000 in cash in his apartment. It's a very sickening case.

NINA EASTON, COLUMNIST, FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Well, a very creepy case and a very creepy human being if these charges are true. I don't think we've made clear here what would happen is these aborted babies were born essentially alive and then they stabbed them to kill them.

To me it's a broader -- there is a broader story here. And that is about mid-and late term abortions. These are not fetuses, faceless fetuses. These are babies. And this doctor even joked that one of them could walk to a bus stop allegedly. He was praying on a vulnerable population that felt like they didn't have options. And I go back and I think as an adoptive mother if we had more -- if we had adoption out there, as an option, where women could heroically give birth, take their children to term, and place them in a good home, do you know the numbers of domestic infant adoptions have dropped so low that they've stopped counting them? The government has actually stopped counting them. And yet, we have over a million abortions a year.

BREAM: I'm thankful for adoption. That's why my mom is alive and I'm here too. So I have seen it work in a lot of ways. That talk continues, of course we will keep an eye on it.

It comes as a number of states are passing these very restrictive laws. Today North Dakota, their second house passed a law that would essentially outlaw abortion by passing a bill defining life as starting at the moment of conception. We'll keep an eye on that. No clear sign whether or not the governor's going to sign it.

All right, let's go on to our next topic. The story that Doug McKelway had tonight that's been out there on the internet it's been all over the place about the Department of Homeland Security making massive buys of ammunition. We got some facts tonight, Charles.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Yeah and I think it should reassure those people who are watching us now from a cave in the Rockies where they are provisioned for a year or two.

BREAM: We might need them. You might want to stay friends with them.

KRAUTHAMMER: -- waiting for the Obama coup d'etat, which apparently is not going to come. Senator Coburn, who isn't exactly a liberal, has said number one the amount of ammunition is less than in previous years. Number two, it's about a tenth of the ceiling that the DHS has allowed.

And the last point is that the ammunition that people are saying is now in short supply, is being used by the DHS for an obvious purpose. It is being used for the training of agents like the border security agents who have to go to the range a lot and stay sharp. So everything on that pans out. I hate to disappoint the conspiracy theorists they are going to have to come up with something new. And they will.

BREAM: They will, and Sen. Coburn told me that he is satisfied with the answer he has so far but he is not done yet, looking at that. So we will stay with him on that.

All right, winners and losers of the week. Everybody wanted the hear this. Chuck, we'll start with you.

LANE: I gave my winner of the week to President Obama because I think he came off OK in Israel. Israel is a country where public opinion has not been terribly favorable to him. And he seems to have gotten a good reception, smoothed over some rough patches, re-cemented his relationship with Bibi Netanyahu. So he is my winner.

My loser is Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany whose government really kind of made a hash out of this crisis in Cyprus, took something that was going to be a problem and made it a lot worse. And now everybody in Europe hates Germany even more than they did before.

BREAM: Alright, Nina?

EASTON: My winner would be Bibi Netanyahu, that this president -- this U.S. president had probably the worst relations with an Israeli prime minister historically ever. But he was forced to come over to Israel and pay homage not just to Israel but I think by extension to Bibi.

My loser is Dianne Feinstein, who really had high hopes for passing an assault weapons ban, particularly after the shooting of school children in Connecticut. And the Democratic leadership told her, sorry, no way.

BREAM: Not gonna happen. Charles?

KRAUTHAMMER: I agree the winner is the prime minister of Israel, but for a slightly different reason. That Obama essentially said to the Palestinian leadership, stop using the excuse of settlements. It's a way of you not to enter into negotiations, and you should. And in the end settlement issue will be decided and resolved if and when there is peace agreement. So it's an irrelevancy.

The losers are Russian gangsters, especially the ones who have stuffed a lot of their ill-gotten loot in banks in Cyprus. They are going to take a real haircut one way or the other, and I have to say, it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of miscreants.

BREAM: OK, on that note, I decided to get in on the act this week too. My loser and the winner is the same. This week it's the Liberty University men's basketball team. Go flames. I'm a proud alumni. They lost in the first game of the big dance, but they made it there, they had a tough season and played with a lot of heart. So they may be losers to some, but winners, too.

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