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Bill O'Reilly: More evidence that Judeo-Christian tradition is under attack in America

Talking Points 3/21


By Bill O'Reilly

If you watch the Factor, you know that we won the "War on Christmas" battle. A few years ago some American companies ordered their employees not to say "Merry Christmas." Remember that? We presented the facts to you, you told the stores you wouldn't buy there. The crazy edict was quickly rescinded. Power to the people.

But the war on Judeo-Christian tradition continues on in some public school districts. In 10 days it will be Easter Sunday. But in some schools you are not allowed to say the word "Easter." On Long Island, the East Meadow School District holding a spring egg hunt. Not Easter eggs, spring eggs! The same thing in Prospect Heights, Illinois; Manhattan Beach, California; Flat Rock Elementary School in South Carolina; and a school district in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. No Easter. They're having spring egg events. Moderated by a spring bunny, at least in San Diego.

I know it's stupid. You know it's stupid. But it's happening and there is a reason why it's happening.

Secular Progressives are running wild with President Obama and the White House. They feel unchained, liberated and they are trying to diminish any form of religion. The goal is to marginalize religious opposition to secular programs. For example, in Canada, in China, a woman can have an abortion for any reason at any time.

Secular Progressives want that here. But traditional forces in America are in opposition. Therefore, in this country, you can't terminate a baby about to be born without a damn good reason. And if you do abort a late term baby you can be charged with murder. SP's hate that. In Scandinavia there are laws that say you cannot criticize minorities and if you do, you could be arrested. Secular Progressives want laws like that here. Also the legalization of drugs, well underway in many places and that is the secular cause.

So, if the far left can marginalize Santa and the Easter Bunny; if they can tell the children those symbols are obsolete and unnecessary, they then set the stage for a totally secular society in the future. And that's what you have in Scandinavia. And that's why the Easter Bunny is on the run here in America.

And that's "The Memo."