Cavuto: Beware the small print

The ship has sailed on ObamaCare


Beware the small print. It will always get you in big trouble.

Just ask Carnival cruise line passengers, who are finding out right now the hard way. They might not be able to sue in court because their Carnival ticket fine-print kind of covers even feces in the hall.

Who knew? Lawyers, that's who knew.

The same lawyers who put together the health care law; who stood by politicians when they said stupid stuff like this -


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D - CA, MINORITY LEADER: But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.


Well, never mind the lawyers actually knew what was in it. They kind of wrote it. They just didn't feel like telling us all the stuff that was in it.

So, push the good stuff like coverage for pre-existing conditions or keeping older kids on your policy. Gloss over the bad stuff, like thousands of part-time workers probably well, losing their policies.

Collateral damage. An IED for MDs.

Now, a top Obama architect of that law admitting the obvious -- the health care law's messy.

You think?

Something he neglected to point out a couple of years ago when the warning could have come in handy.

Too late. We're all in, knee-deep now, and it's costing us through the nose now. Premiums that are going up much more than they said; doctors dropping out of their professions much more than they feared.

A fine mess, I'm sure, all detailed in the fine print. Where I'm equally sure there was some sort of blanket policy for policies that would provide no blanket; no warmth; no protection; no guarantee you could keep your doctor or your plan. No plan.

If only these guys had read what they wrought.

Too late. Fine print or no, it is the law of the land. This ship has sailed and we are all on the same ship.

Kind of like those Carnival passengers.

Just discovering, even an aborted, stinky cruise offers you no guarantee you won't always deep ship.