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Bill O'Reilly: Does the President of the United States have an obligation to tell us the truth?

Talking Points 2/27


By Bill O'Reilly

You might remember that when President Obama took office, his theme was a change from politics as usual. Mr. Obama promising he would be a leader we could trust.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Let me say this as simply as I can. Transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency.


O'REILLY: Ok, the President went on the record back then and many Americans believed him. But now we have a very embarrassing situation for Barack Obama. His former Press Secretary Robert Gibbs recently said this.


ROBERT GIBBS: When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the things... one of the first things they told me was you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. You are not even to discuss that it exists. But here is what is crazy about that proposition. You are being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists.


O'REILLY: Now, the drone program has been very successful in degrading al Qaeda and other terrorists, there is no question about that. It's a necessary tool to win the War on Terror. However, the American people have a right to know what is being done in their name. Not specifics but the general philosophy of combat operations.

President Obama chose to deceive the American people on that front but the left will not make a big deal of this, again, because the President can do no wrong in their eyes. If Dana Perino had said publicly that President Bush had ordered her not to give information about an important program, it would have been a front page story in the "New York Times" and every other liberal paper in the country.

One of the few left leaning guys who did take notice of what Gibbs said was my pal Jon Stewart who asked this question about Gibbs.


STEWART: Can we trust him?

Mr. Gibbs when you were working as the Press Secretary you answered questions about drones thusly.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: Other U.S. officials have confirmed these predator drone air strikes.

GIBBS: I'm not going to get into this matters.

TODD: Aren't they compromised operational --

GIBBS: I'm not going to get into these matters.

WHITE HOUSE REPORTER: A U.S. drone strike killed eight Germans in Pakistan today. Do you have any information about that?

GIBBS: I don't. And if I did -- if I did, I wouldn't get into it.

STEWART: Here is a tip for all you aspiring truth sleuths out there. If someone says to you, "I don't know anything about that and even if I did I wouldn't tell you," that person knows something about that. Did it bother you, Mr. Gibbs? Did it bother you?


O'REILLY: Well like him or not, Stewart's an honest man. And that's what we the people should demand not only from our commentators but also from our president.

And that's "The Memo."