Malkin defends mocking first lady's late night appearance

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: She is well liked by Americans, enjoys a pretty high approval rating, but First Lady Michelle Obama's recent media blitz is drawing serious criticism and concerns that another Obama is becoming a full-fledged celebrity.

Now just in the past week, she's been seen on Jimmy Fallon's late night show, at the Oscars. She's been on "Good Morning America" with Robin Roberts and also with Big Bird in the PSA ad and with Dr. Oz in an interview that will air later this week.

Well, critics are warning that the first lady is being overexposed. And my next guest after seeing Michelle Obama dancing on Jimmy Fallon's late night show, made a video lampooning the appearance. Here is our friend, Michelle Malkin, like you've never seen her before. Watch this.


All right, as you can imagine, liberals were not exactly happy with that video. Here to tell us what prompted her to make it, Michelle Malkin herself.

All right, I've never seen -- here we go. I've never seen that side of you, I liked it.

MICHELLE MALKIN, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST AND AUTHOR: You haven't? Well, people need to pay attention. Well, thanks, Sean, I've had a lot of fun with it and the more fun that conservatives can show, the matter and the more hate-filled the liberal left gets.

And you wouldn't believe, although you probably would believe, the amount of vitriol that this silly video that I did in my basement has caused. Everyone from that trig truther, Andrew Sullivan, to the Atlantic magazine have all weighed in on my inability to dance, the hatred and meanness that I showed in simply lampooning a spoof that Michelle Obama --

HANNITY: What's hateful about it?

MALKIN: I know! You know what, I think it was the wig, Sean. I know a lot of my fans are relieved to know that it was a wig, I didn't chop off hair off and do the Michelle Obama bangs.

But there's a serious point here, a couple of serious points and one is exactly what you alluded to, Sean. There is a very strategic White House charm offensive going on by the east wing and everything that they do is calculated. And I think that I do have to give Michelle Obama an immense amount of credit. For some reason this woman who is so privileged and has been her entire life, whose career has been marked by cronyism, is able to connect with mainstream culture.

Obviously, she has a huge amount of help from enablers like Jimmy Fallon and "Good Morning America," she's going on the -- a bunch of afternoon shows and prime time shows.

HANNITY: Look at her dancing. I didn't think that was particularly good either. I mean, we've got the video of that.

MALKIN: Yes, yes, exactly right. But the point is that how she's able to come across as approachable and somehow she projects this -- there you go. I have to say, I can match her moves. My finger of blame is every bit of good as her sprinkler, come on.

HANNITY: It goes deeper, too, Michelle. You did great, and by the way, I won't dance publicly, I refuse.

MALKIN: Are you kidding me? I am recruiting you, I am recruiting you for evolution of liberal dance two, you will do the Constitution stump with me, Sean, you will.

HANNITY: But the thing is, sort of they've got a let them eat cake attitude at the White House. They take the separate vacations and he goes to Florida to play golf with Tiger and $180,000 an hour on Air Force One. We all have to have skin in the game of the rich people. She flies to Aspen and flies separately to Nantucket or wherever they went to, Martha's Vineyard, I forget. They take all these extravagant vacations and Americans are suffering, they've lost 22 percent of their wealth and 50 million Americans on food stamps. They seem out of touch and get away with it.

MALKIN: And they're not going to get away with it anymore, especially after the Oscars where she overstepped her bounds, as you mention, many people even on her own side believe she's now overexposed. A half dozen appearances on all of the shows over a little over the last week now.

What is going on here? Is she running for office? It doesn't really matter. The point is that whatever she does works in concert and synergy with her husband's agenda and they're trying to make it seem as if this woman relates to normal people when as you say, she is on the order of a Marie Antoinette.

Conservatives and Republicans need to learn from this, however rather than exempting themselves from the culture. They need to be able to make fun of themselves at the same time that they're making serious policy points about how this administration is it running us into the ground.

And that's why the raise the debt ceiling, it was definitely one of my included moves. There's truth in humor and I think we need to employ a lot more of it because the Hollywood White House industrial complex has had a monopoly how narratives are shaped.

We need to do a better job with it. And you know, the left doesn't like to see us having fun and being funny. Of course, the first thing they say is it's not funny.

HANNITY: I enjoyed it. I'm not a -- I like your hair better this way in case you care.

MALKIN: Thank you, I appreciate that. No bangs for me.

HANNITY: Michelle, thanks for being with us.

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