Lindsay Lohan, role model?

Troubled starlet wants to mentor to underprivileged girls


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DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: So, when you think of positive role models for young women, does Lindsay Lohan jump out at you?

The troubled actress is due back in court next month again on charges of reckless driving, lying to police and obstruction. And in hopes to get her out of the latest legal troubles, her lawyer is trying to dodge punishment sending her out as a motivational speaker for young women.

Kimberly --


PERINO: -- from the legal perspective, if you were the lawyers -- I guess I understand why the lawyers are going to try this. If you were the judge, would you buy it for a second?

GUILFOYLE: I mean, the judges buy it every day in every courtroom across America. You have to do something. They go community service, they're going to reach out, you have to go help people, you do to the under -- do all of this. So, it makes sense because these are the type of programs that are involved and it's also kind of a twofer, because it makes her look better, right? If she's able to complete this, they're going to find some way to have some good publicity come out of it. Develop a relationship with an underprivileged girl.

But, maybe, I'm going to be positive here, like Bob was earlier today for a moment and say maybe she's going to have an impact. They certainly going to like to meet her but her troubled past is certainly no example of what the young girls should be doing today.

PERINO: Do you think, Eric, that she's ready for this of, like to be a motivational speaker? I mean, she is basically -- I don't know if she has been on the wagon for the last couple of months.

That's Bob, and he's going to be all right. Don't worry.

GUILFOYLE: Bob has bronchitis.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I'm not sure -- forget whether she is ready. I'm sure all the kids she speaks to aren't ready to have Lindsay Lohan party animal staying out all night doing whatever drugs, party drugs. That's probably not the motivation you want your kids to be looking up.


BOLLING: They certainly don't want --

PERINO: She could probably act her way through it, though.


BOLLING: I wouldn't have him looking to Lindsay Lohan for advice.

PERINO: But she might be able to act her way through it, right, Greg?

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: I think she can be a great motivational speaker. All she has to say is, "Don't be like me."

This is the sham of good deeds. Like in Hollywood, everybody does charity and green causes as P.R. cover for various misdeeds. The more you can talk about the Earth, the more coke you could do in a bathroom.

The problem with Lindsay is that these girls don't -- they don't, they can't predict or know what they're going to be like in 10 years. They don't think ahead. And in 10 years, she will be invisible and there will be nobody who cares about her. Joanie loves Chachi, now Joanie lives in a trailer park. That's how it goes.

PERINO: What do you think, Bob?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: My problem with this is that, a lot of these Hollywood people who get sober for little time and go out and all of a sudden, brag about how -- look at me. I pull myself out of it, but in most case, they fall and slip back in to it.

She goes out there as a motivational speaker and hold herself up as somebody who's overcome adversity, she's not even close to that. I mean, I've said it many, many times -- I hope and I pray it doesn't happen. But I think her future is terrible. She's been coddled.

And this kind of thing, to let her go out on a speaking tour and be motivational speaker for young women is absolutely ridiculous.

PERINO: She needs the judge from Florida that told that young woman after she ticked him off, he gave her more time. Think about that for a couple of days and then --

GUTFELD: You should move in with her.

PERINO: With who?

GUTFELD: With Lindsay Lohan. That would be amazing reality show. Lindsay and Dana. It would like Goofus and Gallant from Highlights.

PERINO: What am I?

GUTFELD: You know you're Goofus.

PERINO: But maybe she works as a reverse, like scared straight program, you can tell your young daughter, if you do that, you're going to end up like her.

GUILFOYLE: I think that's the idea.


BOLLING: But what? You're going to end up like her as she pulls up in her stretch limo --

GUTFELD: She has no money.

GUILFOYLE: She doesn't have any money for that.

GUTFELD: Absolutely no money.

They have no concept of money, and they get everything for free.

GUILFOYLE: Charlie Sheen helped her.

GUTFELD: Yes, that's true. But what did he get?

PERINO: No, I saw an interview on Katie Couric's show with Charlie Sheen and he explained that Lindsay Lohan had not been paid the same that she was supposed to get for a movie and he felt bad about that. So, he provided it to her, because you have a sick mind.

GUILFOYLE: Can someone call a medic?

PERINO: Everything is OK. Bob is under control. He's got bronchitis but he's going to be feeling better soon.

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