Common Sense

Cavuto: Marco Rubio may have the last laugh

Who am I to pile on the whole Marco Rubio water thing but, seeing as others in the media won't let go, allow me to warn, you could be the guys ending up all wet.

I can remember many laughing at this obscure Arkansas governor for that tad long nominating speech for Michael Dukakis in 1988.

And remember the media field day when their favorite nemesis Richard Nixon supposedly imploded his career after losing a bid to become California governor only two short years after losing the presidency?

I can remember when they laughed at that wimp George Bush -- even though he was a war hero -- ribbed Ronald Reagan as a clueless actor -- even though his political astuteness was no act.

I'm told the media did much the same with Abraham Lincoln in his day -- a man who reportedly couldn't measure up to his rivals, only to end up leading a jaw-dropping team of those rivals.

Apparently the media also had a field day with Grover Cleveland and charges he fathered an illegitimate child -- the kind of stuff you'd think would ruin a career, but not his, not then.

So some cold water on journalists who deny this cold hard fact -- those you try to dismiss today have a habit of coming back and ruining your day.

Bill Clinton laughed off that wandering speech in 1988, but if memory serves me right, he went onto something a few years later. Just like his wimpy predecessor who could never win the White House but did. And that clueless B-movie actor who could never win the role of a lifetime, but did -- big -- twice.

You'd think lesson learned. They who get laughed at, often have the last laugh.

So be careful saying Marco's a zero for grasping some H2O.

Maybe the media's disproportionate interest in his parched lips -- rather than what's coming out of those lips -- proves it is Marco's critics who are thirsting for a clue.

Because, how is it Marco can have a good laugh at his own expense unless maybe he senses he'll have the last laugh at his critics' expense?

All I know is the guy's still laughing and I suspect those who thought he'd drown in their attacks are the ones flailing.