Common Sense

Cavuto: Surprised by sequestration? Don't be

Neil wonders why the sudden fury


Keep crying wolf and don't be surprised if folks end up howling in laughter.

For the president to now warn of catastrophic consequences if we don't stop these automatic spending cuts from kicking in, it really is time to figure something out.

Why does this become a big stink only days ahead of a deadline? And why, Mr. President, this shock and rage at what you already knew was baked into that sequestration cake?

You knew full well what was coming down the pike, so why now this faux fury over America going down the tube?

Surely, these automatic cuts to which you agreed -- and some say all but wrote yourself -- aren't new. So why the sudden alarm now?

My only guess is that since these cuts have been out there for months, you either only got around to reading them now or it dawned on you that they're on the verge of happening now.

Otherwise, you surely wouldn't have taken off for a round of golf. Which actually worries me more. Maybe you really didn't know. Maybe you really didn't read. Maybe you really didn't have a clue. Sort of like that whole Benghazi defense: You only became aware after the fact.

Another urgent issue that should have had your full attention at the time, you finally woke up after the fact and now it's worth your time!

That's even more worrisome and even more frustrating.

Because your new-found rage means you're just discovering what you should have known all along now.

And that's what worries me now. Not that you're manufacturing a crisis that couldn't interrupt a golf game little more than days ago, but the next thing that'll surprise you and launch the next scare tactic days from now.