Common Sense

Cavuto: What debt problem?

Americans should be worried about issue


This just in -- the debt problem is gone.

You didn't hear? It's the word the president didn't utter because apparently it's the problem we don't have.

Nothing says "no issue" like not even talking about the issue.

And I'm telling you, from the president, to prominent leading democrats, it's like this whole debt issue... disappeared!

Spending isn't a problem. Which could explain why proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in "more" spending "isn't" a problem. Think about that. The audacity of that.

Spending a trillion bucks more than you're taking in a year, each year, every year, isn't a problem.

16 trillion smackers in debt isn't a problem.

20 trillion smackers -- best case -- 10 years from now, isn't a problem.

Looking Americans straight in the face and saying making good on four trillion bucks in budget cuts solves the problem even though no one's made good on any cuts.

And these so-called "cuts" aren't cuts at all, just four trillion bucks off the "growth" of our debt and over 10 years at that. By which time, we'll still have more than $20 trillion in debt.

And we're supposed to be grateful? "Well, at least it's not 24 trillion!"

Are you kidding me?

Are you serious?

Are you for real?

Are you really justifying these stupefying numbers with the stupid argument that the debt really "isn't" so bad? That, as a percentage of GDP, it's actually pretty good? That would be like me saying: "On Pluto, I'd be svelte."

Newsflash -- I live on Earth and I'm not svelte. I'm fat. We're all fat and we shouldn't be happy. We should be worried -- very worried.

Think about what they're doing here. They're saying this whole debt thing? We've done our thing. So they use fancy ratios to say, "You know, the debt's not that bad." And talk up still "more" investments with money we don't have and tell us it's good.

It's not. We're not. This whole charade is not.

My friends, we live in a country where Democrats refuse to cut entitlements, Republicans so much as look at defense and each continues to lead us down the river; spending money we don't have and now saying nothing at all about the very real addiction we do have.

Here's the thing though -- just because you stop talking about our bills doesn't make them go away. No more than it does ignoring bill collectors' calls, hoping they go away.

They don't. The bills don't. The lasting hits to our collective credit ratings don't.

I'm told this summer you can walk past your mailbox on a Saturday and not worry -- no bills, no mail.

Washington is playing the same game "every" day.

I'm telling you, this country? No. Chance.