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Bill O'Reilly: The debate over guns ramps up

Talking Points 2/7


By Bill O'Reilly

There is a group called "Mayor's Against Illegal Guns" founded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Yesterday they went to Washington to make their case for stricter gun control. Basically the group wants to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. They also want background checks for every gun sold in America. And they would federalize a few gun crimes but not many.

In order to get attention for their cause, the Mayor's group needs some high powered, pardon the pun, folks backing them up. Enter a few celebrities, including Chris Rock.


CHRIS ROCK: I am just here to support the President of the United States. The President of the United States is, you know, our boss. But he is also, you know, the President and the First Lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country.


O'REILLY: Wow. So Mr. Rock is supporting tighter gun control because that's what President Obama and Mrs. Obama want. And Mr. Rock, above all, wants to be respectful to the presidency. Quite a change.


ROCK: Bush is unbelievable, man. This guy's un (EXPLETIVE DELETED) believable. He aren't the worst President of the United States. He is the worse president of presidents. The worst PTA president, President of black association. President of Major League Baseball. Worldwide Wrestling Federation. The worst president ever.


O'REILLY: All right so summing up Mr. Obama is the good dad, Mr. Bush the bad dad.

And then there is singer Tony Bennett who also wants stricter gun control.


TONY BENNETT, SINGER: I just believe that assault weapons, they were invented for war. They shouldn't be in our streets here. It's the... it's the kind of turn that happens to the great country of Germany when Nazis came over and created tragic things and they had to be told off.


O'REILLY: Well, a few things Mr. Bennett might want to consider. The Nazis were not told off. They were defeated by brave men armed with guns. Also the Nazis took most guns away from civilians, both German and those under occupation. In fact, Hitler imposed the strictest gun control on earth.

And Mr. Bennett, the only reason the Nazis didn't get further in their quest for world domination is that folks in the Balkans and France and other occupied countries hid weapons and then used them against the Nazis. Those people were called partisans.

Now, we asked Tony Bennett and Chris Rock to come on The Factor, they declined. I think we all know why. So this is just dopey. We need intelligent debate on the gun situation. Not ridiculous posturing. "Talking Points" has clearly stated that gun registration is needed and all gun crimes should be federalized. Trotting out vacuous -- word of the day "vacuous" -- celebrities gets us nowhere or am I wrong? And that's "The Memo."