Grapevine: Fact-checking Sen. Harry Reid

Did Senate majority leader get debt facts wrong?


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Over the Top

FactCheck.org finds Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was wrong for claiming on ABC's "This Week" -- quote -- "The American people need to understand that it's not as if we've done nothing for the debt. $2.6 trillion, $2.6 trillion already we've made in cuts. And all those cuts have come from non-defense programs."

The fact-check organization says only $1.4 trillion of the deficit reduction was in spending cuts. The rest came from tax hikes.

Zero Tolerance

A 7-year-old Colorado boy has been suspended from school for lobbing an imaginary grenade at a box full of make believe bad guys in order to save the planet.

Reports say, the boy did not threaten anyone but violated the school's list of absolutes which forbids weapons real or pretend.

His mother doesn't think the rule is realistic for second graders.

But the school district tells the Loveland Reporter Herald the story is more complicated than is being portrayed.

Shell Game

Finally, as the Associated Press puts it -- quote -- "no wonder they're endangered."

Galapagos tortoises at London Zoo lumbered around impassively while a famous French pianist tried to serenade them with music aimed at getting them in the mood to mate.

The slow-moving giant reptiles did not appear to be aroused by his "new romantic" style of music though they did seem to perk up for carrots.