What Obama's gun agenda really means for Americans

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Our "campaigner in chief" pounds the pavement yet once again like it's election season. He is desperately trying to push through stricter gun control laws.

"The anointed one" with his soaring rhetoric took his case today to the people of Minnesota and made one thing loud and clear about his gun control policies -- it's not a perfect solution.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: There won't be perfect solutions, we're not going to save every life, but we can make a difference. That is our responsibility as Americans. That is what I'll do every single day as long as I've got the honor of serving as your president.


HANNITY: Not a perfect solution. Now make no mistake about what Obama is doing today. It's a blatant move to undercut the NRA. He is trying to directly appeal to their membership, and as he spoke in front of the Minneapolis Police Department claiming gun owners support his common sense gun control measures.

Now it's senseless arguments like this that literally do nothing to advance even his cause.


OBAMA: If we still had a ten round limit on magazines, for example, the gunman who shot Gabby may never have been able to inflict 33 gunshot wounds in 15 seconds -- 15 seconds, 33 rounds fired. Some of the six people who lost their lives that day in Tucson might still be with us.


HANNITY: All right, there is no way that he can draw that conclusion. Mr. President, that is what we call rampant speculation.

Now the president is pressing for a ban on military-style firearms and universal background checks for gun buyers. By the way, something the NRA vehemently claims is nothing more than a way to punish good law abiding citizens.


WAYNE LAPIERRE, EXECUTIVE V.P., CEO, NRA: It's a fraud to call it universal. It will never be universal. The criminals aren't going to comply with it. They could care less. You are not going to computerize the mental health records. Here's what's going to happen. We ought to quick calling it a universal check. The real title ought to be, the check on law abiding people all over this country.


HANNITY: All right, two things to take away from his campaign today and what was nothing short of a stunt. One, what you are seeing is an opportunistic president attempting to push through legislation that may look good, but clearly does not need to make sense.

Now number two, this is a president who continues to have misplaced priorities. Where is the same attention and intensity when it comes to the lack of jobs and 50 million Americans on food stamps?

Now we learned last week that the economy actually was shrinking and unemployment is back up to 7.9 percent. And as all this news is pouring out, here is what the president is addressing.


OBAMA: I am here today because the time has come for common sense, comprehensive immigration reform.

OBAMA: My attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybo dy else does in every institution and walk of life.

OBAMA: The only way we can reduce gun violence in this country is if the American people decide it is important, if you decide it is important. If parents and teachers, police officers and pastors, hunters and sportsman, Americans of every background stand up and say it's got to be different.


HANNITY: Here, of course, with reaction, author and columnist, the one and only, Ann Coulter. By the way, did you see the picture of the president skeet shooting, which he finally revealed? Notice, first of all when you skeet shooting you shoot up. Number one, he is not even holding it right.

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR AND COLUMNIST: No I think he has someone holding the clay for him. The great constitutional law scholar apparently believes the Second Amendment is because the framers of the Constitution really like skeet shooting. No, that is not what it is about. Waiting for the photos of him taking birth control pills to show him fighting the war on women.

HANNITY: All right, let's go to what is interesting here. The president right now only wants to talk about -- gay scout masters, apparently accepting gay scout masters, gay marriage, gun control, watering down welfare requirements, abortion rights, war on women. Everything but the bad economy. Strategic, purposeful?

COULTER: Yes, but I would like to concentrate on the lies being repeated on the op-ed page of The New York Times and editorials why the president himself, he says if we want to do something to reduce these gun shootings all we have to do is for the American people to want to do something like the hunters.

No, we need the ACLU and the liberals who will not do anything about the mentally ill to be serious about stopping these shootings. This kid that was kidnapped in Alabama and finally released today, that was crazy man that took him. Everyone knew he was crazy.

The American sniper, this great American male, more American shots at the enemy than any other military man, he was killed by a man with a history of mental problems.

HANNITY: Oh by the way, he listens to conservative talk radio.

COULTER: Connecticut, Aurora, Tucson, these are crazy people. That is the problem. Everything they are telling you about what they can do about guns is lie. The problem with universal background checks is we basically have universal backgrounds check now. Any licensed gun dealer is performing a background check.

The buyer may not know or the gun show may not know, but if you are walking through a gun show, everybody is doing background checks. The only people who are not subjected to background checks are collectors, giving guns to their sons or selling one to their brother in law or something.

The only way to enforce a universal -- the last 0.1 percent of guns that are transferred by collectors and so on is to have universal gun registration. That is an important point. For some reason, Wayne Lapierre is not making it so you're going to have to hear it from me.

Universal background check means universal registration, universal registration means universal confiscation, universal extermination. That is how it goes in history. Do not fall for universal background checks.

Point two of this thing about how in The New York Times editorial page today or yesterday and from the hearings last week, that a gun in the home is more likely to be used against the owner than to kill an intruder. Two points about that. The whole thing is a lie. That is because most ways a gun in the home is used to kill someone is suicide. That is more than 90 percent of those cases. You might say, having a gun they are going to commit suicide and they wouldn't have otherwise. No, that is false. Suicide rates do not go up with the availability of guns. The Japanese for example have no guns. They have twice the highest suicide rate. You see the same thing state to state. No matter what gun laws are, suicide rates have nothing to do with that.

And finally, what we only count, a homeowner repelling an intruder if he murders him and kills him? How about he holds them until the police arrive. That doesn't count in the equation. That is why they are telling you in order to prevent Americans from self-defense, from protecting themselves, so only the government has a monopoly on guns.

HANNITY: Let me ask you, because I think it fits with the narrative. If Obama talks about gay rights, if Obama talks about guns, immigration and climate control, then the media race to every Republican, "What do you think about what Obama said?," and we don't focus on the economy. One other issue --

COULTER: Not only that just to follow up on your point right there. It's just that they are talking about it, they must demonize people that are legal gun owners and, "Obama, look at him. He cares about the children." Screw you. You think we don't care about the children? You're the one who won't do anything about the mentally ill.

Do you know mass murderers have gone up astronomically in the last 30 years since the deinstitutional movement. This is as the homicide rate is going down. Homeless people have gone up. Mass shootings have gone up. Homicide rate has gone down. It is the mentally ill, and liberals won't do anything about it because of the ALCU.

HANNITY: Republicans wants dirty air and water and they want kids with autism and Down syndrome to fend for themselves. Here is my other question. Then it goes into for example, you got Senator Menendez is involved potentially an underage prostitution scandal.


HANNITY: OK? Being flown out by this guy that owes the IRS $11.1 million, but if he was foot tapping bathroom stall Republican or his name is Mark Foley, we would be over the fact we have a huge scandal and the culture of corruption that exists within the Republican Party. Where is the coverage of this in the mainstream media?

COULTER: Well, they are giving it the John Edwards' coverage.

HANNITY: Pretty much.

COULTER: Not covering it. Yes, OK, maybe it's not true, but certainly more evidence with these underage prostitutes themselves sending in videos and Skyping and testifying to Senator Menendez having sex with them, flying to the Dominican Republic, all of which was broken and covered by The Daily Caller -- since you won't read about it in The New York Times look it up in The Daily Caller. There is certainly more evidence for that than the claim that Romney didn't pay his taxes.

HANNITY: All right, last question. There is this battle that is going on. It was in The New York Times, your favorite newspaper, establishment Republicans want more influence, more say, want to raise more money for candidates to stop Tea Party candidates from winning elections. Now a Tea Party candidate, for example, would be Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz?

COULTER: Except for Marco Rubio that would be a terrible mistake to stop those men. Look, I doubt that is how they have billed their pact. I do think Republicans should not have run, Sharron Angle, Christine O'Donnell, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, we have given up Senate seats. Republicans have to learn to stop talking about abortion, just say yes, an exception in the case on rape. And when we have problems like that it cost us the Senate, amnesty, didn't cost us ObamaCare. We do have to be careful to get candidates who aren't going to say stupid things. I don't know how this PAC is being billed, but --

HANNITY: There are other Tea Party conservatives running in that primary, it wasn't just him.

We have to roll. Coulter, good to see you.

COULTER: Good to see you.

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