Grapevine: Obama's stimulus report late?

Were legally mandated quarterly reports done?


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Numbers Game


That is the amount of time given to the coverage of the hundreds of thousands, strong, March for Life -- marking the 40th anniversary of the Roe versus Wade decision by CBS and ABC's evening news shows Friday.

Stories that did made the cut?

Hillary Clinton's glasses and the Subway foot-long sub that's only 11-inches long.

However, both networks did cover the other march in D.C. -- the pro-gun control event Saturday -- which CBS said numbered close to 1,000 people.

That prompted one religious organization to tweet -- quote -- "The march for gun control was paltry compared to the March for Life, but the media coverage was big versus small. The bias is palpable."

The New York Times did mention the March for Life this year -- unlike last year -- the story was below the fold on page A-9.

Above it?

An article tying the March for Life to increased calls for gun control.

Report Card

When President Obama signed the stimulus into law in 2009, it mandated that the administration release quarterly reports on where the money is going and what it's accomplishing.

The Weekly Standard notes, the last report was released in June 2011.

That report stated one job was created or saved for every $317,000 spent and it was the fifth bad report in a row.

Since then, nothing.

The president has missed the last six quarterly reports.

We have reached out to the White House and are still awaiting a response.

Double-Check Your Work

Typos are embarrassing -- especially in a mass e-mail -- and the Chicago Public School system really sent out a doozy.

A local TV station reports a link sent by e-mail to all parents that was supposed to send them to the board of education website actually was a link to an erotic website.

A corrected e-mail was sent out two hours later, along with an apology for any inconvenience.