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Cavuto: 'Kangaroo court' on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers 'doing all the talking' at congressional hearings


Have you guys been watching these hearings?

The one for John Kerry today to become secretary state; the ones Wednesday with Hillary Clinton on what she knew and when she knew it about Benghazi as secretary of state?


Leaving aside they're not "hearings" if it's just pontificating politicians doing all the talking, what did we get out of Hillary Clinton Wednesday and John Kerry today once they did their limit talking? Two words: Not much. Here's why: The process is stupid.

Think about it. Each congressman or senator is limited to usually five minutes of questioning -- three ,if it's getting late. Republican. Democrat. Back and forth. Just like that.

So not much time for follow-up, even if these guys would just shut up. Because the aggressive Republican questioner leads way to the "Gosh, Hillary, how do you do it and hope to see you in a few years doing something else" Democratic questioner.

So foe then fawn. Foe then fawn. Back and forth.

Just me, but if we are going to have a kangaroo court, could we get better at bouncing it around?

I don't know, Republicans compare notes and say -- "OK, Joe, you grill her on those cables she says she didn't read. Bob, hit her on who at State Department did read them."

And Democrats do the same thing -- "OK, Barbara, you say Hillary's the greatest leader since Joan of Arc and Dianne, you compare her to Jesus."


My god, this wasn't an American inquiry, more like a try-out for "American Idol."

Clinton and Kerry are just the latest subjects, but they're not the only ones. I've seen the same thing done to Ben Bernanke when they trek that Fed genius before their committees.

I keep looking at these folks taking in all these questions wondering what they make of the questioners.

If only I had a bubble for their thoughts.

"What a moron."

"What a gavone."

"Could this nimrod put two coherent sentences together?

"Oh, not this idiot again."

But they don't. They might think it, but they never say it.

For good or ill, they just sit through it. Usually little harm done. Except to us -- the taxpayers -- who just wanted answers. Instead, we're treated once again to asses.