Hollywood missing from president's gun control plan

Didn't Biden's task force meet with the movie industry?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So I read Obama's executive actions on guns and I noticed there was something missing.

Quentin Tarantino.

Didn't Joe's task force meet with the movie industry? I guess it's the Hollywood lobby, not the gun lobby that flexes the real muscles here.

As you know, Quentin's last flicks were revenge fantasies, historical fictions where victims murdered their oppressors to a cheering audience. "Inglourious Basterds," one movie celebrated armed Jews killing Nazis. I haven't seen "Django Unchained" but I'm sure audiences weren't cheering for a national conversation.

So, why is it cool for Hollywood to embrace a fearless populous, but if you do, it's nuts? Still, the idea is the same. It's cool to fight back. And yet, leftists only like it if it's fake. I guess they can't find Syria on a map.

Look, I'm not advocating armed uprising, I'm too lazy. I'm just pointing out that mocking gun owners for their suspicions concerning efforts to disarm them, at the very same time you act in a manner to disarm them kind of makes you the villain in this movie. A fearless populist helps keep a government honest, which may be why Eric Holder wants gun owners to cower like smokers.

But we have seen the movie before, with the same fake actors. It doesn't end well. As usual in Hollywood, the audience gets taken while the celebrities returned to their armed bodyguard and do what they really do best -- swap coke dealers and hepatitis.

So, Dana, in the seven-page executive summary, the White House relegated movies to one mention -- in the last graph and I guess they called on all Americans to do more.

So it's kind of up to us.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Yes. Do more of what?

GUTFELD: I don't know.

PERINO: I don't even watch them.

There's also, that was surprising to me that they didn't have anything in there. I was also thinking about the shooter's mother who was trying to get help for her son, was worried about it and I don't see anything in this, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe somewhere in this amorphous list, there's the mental health services, Medicaid plan thing must cover -- I just think that we could possibly be missing an opportunity to figure out a way to help these moms and dads who are worried that their kids have something seriously wrong with them and they're about to crack.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I'm reading through the 23, Greg. They are really logical stuff like, yes, make sure the back ground checks are right and, you know?


BOLLING: This is nothing more or less than Obama using tragedy, again, to promote ideology. He wants to make sure that his people on the left are hurt, are disgusted.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Are you against background checks?

BOLLING: Because there's nothing in here. First of all, the four things he recommends that Congress do will never fly. They're never going to pass through Congress. By the fly, on the fly, here you go, Harry Reid. Why don't you vote in the Senate first to see if you like those first? And we can all see whose hand goes up and says, yes, I'm for the things he recommended.

My guess is, they'll get about, 20 or something.

BECKEL: Ridiculous.

BOLLING: This is all President Obama using a tragedy to play politics.

BECKEL: By the way, are you against background checks?

BOLLING: No, I'm not against background checks. We do background checks already.

BECKEL: Across state lines, we don't do them very well. We're not doing --

BOLLING: Fine. Do background checks. Great.

PERINO: Not doing them well is different that not doing them.

BECKEL: No, but the question is, what he's done here by executive order is to try to tighten up the rules about what you're supposed to about mental health and exchange the information.

One thing he did here was the CDC, which, of course, the Republican Congress saw fit to cut their funding, that they would now be back dealing with what gun control -- I mean, what gun advocacy has done to these guys who have the mental illnesses, and the CDC is in position to that.


BECKEL: No. What I'm saying is the gun advocates are against the CDC having the money to do a study about what is wrong with the mental health information.

TANTAROS: Oh, another Washington study. You don't need a Washington study to figure out a lot of these killers were loners that weren't included. I mean, maybe the recommendation should be simple as if you see somebody, alone on the playground as a kid, maybe invite them to the circle. Don't isolate them. I mean, I don't know.

BECKEL: What's your answer to this mental health problem?

PERINO: It's not her responsibility to come up with an answer.

TANTAROS: I want to -- there's -- I don't think there's one single answer. I don't think it's an easy solution. I can look at all the things on this list and say, I don't think this going to cut it.

To your point, Greg, on Hollywood, I never thought I would begin a sentence like this, but in the words of Rob Lowe -- I don't think Hollywood, as he said yesterday, should be lecturing the American people on guns.

But I do agree with Eric, I think if you are supportive of the Second Amendment or if you're not supportive, you have the right not to be supportive. You should be troubled about the way that the president is going about doing this, because it's not going to pass through Congress, it's not -- you know what it will not, Bob. He does not have the votes in the Senate either.

I should be very, very troubled.

PERINO: To the monologue point, in the first segment, when you talk about buying the 23 items and hide the one. So, I've always done this where I make a to-do list and I add extra things that I was going to do anyway.


PERINO: Just so that I could have satisfaction of crossing something off the list.


PERINO: Number 11 is nominate ATF director, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms director.


PERINO: Why do you write an order to tell yourself to nominate somebody you should have nominated already?

GUTFELD: That was a better metaphor than mine.

PERINO: You have been gone for a while.

GUTFELD: That's true. It's a make list so you feel better.

BECKEL: You didn't include Depends, did you?

GUTFELD: Not include Depends.

TANTAROS: He also wants it to look like a really long list. And a lot of these don't make sense, like a national data base for something --

BECKEL: Yes, a national database, how about that for an idea?


BECKEL: A national data base of guns so people have to register their guns.

TANTAROS: Do you think Adam Lanza would have voluntarily went and said, you know what? I think before I go to the school, I'm going to put my name in a gun database.

BECKEL: Why not?

TANTAROS: Or the Colorado shooter?

BECKEL: They'd have to. They'd have to.

TANTAROS: Oh, they have to? Yes, they follow the law very well.

BECKEL: You know, we sit around this table to argue about whether mental healthy should be a big part of Obama's proposal. About a quarter of this is about the mental health.

BOLLING: Let's challenge the Democrats. Come on. The Democrats have the Senate. Go ahead, Harry Reid, bring it up. Bring it up for a vote.

Are you in favor of all President Obama's recommendations? Pass it through the Senate first and let the House do it. That would be interesting if he does that.

I think he was an NRA-backed candidate, too, if I'm not mistaken. Let's see if he does it.

GUTFELD: Do I have time to throw to the SOT of Obama talk -- we're doing it in the next block? Somebody whispered that in my ear. It's great to be back.

PERINO: You have people talking to you in your head?

GUTFELD: Yes, I think so. Oh, my God, it's happening again.

TANTAROS: Not the voices.

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