Grapevine: Blue language for green energy advocate Al Gore

Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Follow the Money

In our Friday Follow-up, Al Gore's soon-to-be ex-employees have with some harsh language for their boss.

We've told you the green energy advocate is selling his cable station to Al Jazeera which is funded by oil rich Qatar. How did the staff of Current TV take the news? The New York Post reports the meeting was heated and there was a notable absence Al Gore himself.

One high-placed staffer griped -- "Of course Al didn't show up. He has no credibility. Current never even took big oil advertising. And Al Gore -- that (expletive) -- sells to the emir." Another added -- "Al was always lecturing us about green. He kept his word about green all right -- as in cold, hard cash."

Forbes Magazine estimates Gore will be worth over $300 million after the sale goes through, even more than Mitt Romney.

Unwelcome Mat

A New Hampshire state legislator says she wants to restrict the freedoms of conservatives and libertarians.

Breitbart.com reports Democrat Cynthia Chase is urging colleagues to prevent small government advocates -- called Free Staters -- from taking over New Hampshire politics.

Chase writes -- quote -- "Free Staters are the single biggest threat the state is facing today. What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict the 'freedoms' that they think they will find here."

Walking the Plank

Finally, a notorious pirate says he is taking down his jolly roger.

Somali pirate "Big Mouth" who has reportedly earned millions of dollars from commandeering and ransoming ships did not give a reason for quitting, but he is urging fellow buccaneers to join him in retirement.

International efforts have significantly decreased hijackings in the Indian Sea, with only five in 2012 --
down from 47 in 2010.