Common Sense

Cavuto: Tale of two 'Lincoln' moments

I want to tell you a tale of two Lincoln moments today -- one captured in Hollywood, the other not captured in Washington.

The movie about the former president, cleaning up with 12 Oscar nods, clearly lost on another president, teeing up with one more hardly-Oscar worthy pick

Think about it.

A movie based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals" about a president surrounding himself with a Cabinet of strong-willed individuals, many of whom campaigned for his very job, basking in Oscar nomination glow this day; while another president adds a not-so-memorable addition to what's become a Cabinet of retreads.

Now that is not to say Jack Lew doesn't fit in the treasury secretary box. I just thought now might be a very good time for this president to pull a Lincoln and think outside the box. Not with another predictable yes-man, who'd do the president's bidding, but an outside Washington businessman, who'd maybe challenge the president's thinking.

It was Lincoln who calculated "more of the same" just gets you, well, more of the same. He dared to break from his comfort zone by picking a Cabinet that might make lesser leaders feel uncomfortable.

But it didn't make Lincoln any less a leader. From the very folks who challenged him, it made him even more of one.

It just seems sad that on a day a movie that heralds that president is found so significant, that our latest president adds to a Cabinet that increasingly seems so... insignificant.