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Bill O'Reilly: Some political predictions for 2013

Talking Points 1/9


By Bill O'Reilly

As we all know, these are high days for liberal America and we are watching President Obama very closely to see if he will be a leader for all Americans or just left-wing folks.

So far the evidence is that Mr. Obama is moving further to the left. There is no question that some kind of gun control will be embraced by the Obama Administration. It looks to me like the legislation will attempt to ban certain kinds of assault weapons and ammunition; also the feds who want gun owners to register their firearms much like you have to register your car.

"Talking Points" believes that legislation will have a tough time getting through the House. But there's danger for the Republicans because most Americans do want some reasonable restrictions on powerful weapons.

In the same vein immigration reform will most likely happen. The Republican Party well understands it must get more Hispanic Americans to support it. Therefore we can expect a quasi-amnesty for law-abiding, illegal aliens already in the country. They'll have to jump through a few hoops. It'll take some time but they should be able to stay in this country.

On the gay marriage front the Supreme Court now hearing two cases and what's likely to happen there is that the court will rule the individual states can decide the issue. Therefore if a state like California which voted down gay marriage continues to hold that posture, the feds will not override that. But, there is no way the nine Supreme Court justices will ban gay marriage outright. It's not going to happen.

As far as legalized marijuana is concerned, again, it will depend on the state. Right now the feds are prosecuting people who move big quantities of pot, that will continue. But individual users will most likely be able to toke their lives away should they want to.

So you can see that we are becoming a much more liberal nation but that could change very quickly if left-wing policies begin to create problems. Believe me when I tell you Franklin Roosevelt never envisioned a day when a guy like Richard Nixon would be elected president.

And that's "The Memo."