Outrage over 'Distribute the Wealth' worksheet

Political bias in algebra lesson?


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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Our kids are our most important asset, so when someone messes with them, we get mad, really mad. When educators do stupid things to our kids, it makes us go bananas, like when the Virginia school had their 8-year-old singing "Now I'm part of the 99 percent." And who can forget this crazy one?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Oh, my God. It's so bad.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everybody, let's sing it together on the count -- all right. I like that.


CHILDREN: Mmm, mmm, mmm. Barack Hussein Obama. He said that all must lend a hand to make this country strong again.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. Barack Hussein Obama. He said we must be clear today, equal work means equal pay.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. Barack Hussein Obama.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: That's enough.

BOLLING: What's even worse is the subtle way some textbooks are pushing the liberal agenda.

Take for example, Scholastic Books, they call themselves the world's leading publisher of children's books. So it's likely that your kid is learning from one of their textbooks.

Check out the wording of this algebra lesson. Can you get this? Which camera? Number six?

"Distribute the Wealth." Distribute the property of addition and multiplication. This is for grades three through six. Distribute the wealth with a lovely rich girl with a big old bag of money handing some money out.

Seriously, folks, I do it every year at parent-teacher night. You have to read your kid's textbooks. Find out what's being taught. If you see a bias, make sure to explain it to your kids and by all means, tell your teachers you're on it.


GUILFOYLE: This isn't that easy.

BECKEL: Exactly right.

BOLLING: Did you read, do you read Ronan's textbooks?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. But he doesn't have any textbooks. He is in kindergarten.

And so, he has little work sheets and cute stuff. Every night he gets homework. Every night I do it with him and go through the little sheets.

So far, so good. We're on high alert, especially after this. Inappropriateness.

Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm.


BECKEL: You know, I read my kids for the three first years and then after that, I didn't understand it. It couldn't pass it, so it didn't matter. You know, this --

GUILFOYLE: You can't pass it?

BECKEL: No, I couldn't do this anyway. Third to sixth grade. Are you kidding me? Try to do this!

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Actually, you're good at numbers.

BECKEL: But, you know, one thing I will say about this. I -- you know, we've got five examples here of teachers doing things you don't like. But there are three plus million public school teachers in America. I don't want to leave the impression they're all doing this.

BOLLING: I didn't mean to make that impression. I simply said there are examples where teachers go out in the limb and say, hey, let's sing this sing this Barack Hussein Obama song or when they go ahead and they say, let's write --

PERINO: Or the textbooks.

BOLLING: But the textbooks. The textbooks --

PERINO: So, they bought this. I mean, why would a third grader think that distribute the wealth was an interesting -- the subhead is understand the distributive property. And for third graders that doesn't --

BECKEL: I actually don't understand what it is.

PERINO: But I asked a friend about this today because she has three kids, 13, 11, 7. She sent me something that was interesting good example but I didn't tell you about before, Bob. It's really funny.

So, this is in Washington, D.C. They said that they can't celebrate Thanksgiving anymore in the school. They're not saying don't celebrate Thanksgiving but they want people to be more sensitive.

So, as part of that effort, this is, quote, "We do not permit students to role play cowboys and Indians because the historic enemy of Indians was not cowboys but the U.S. government. But some of the first cowboys were actually Indians. There's the whole letter to parents here." And then it has a very helpful suggestion that for Thanksgiving, you could consider giving a multicultural book about Native Americans for other groups.

GUILFOYLE: But this is a political indoctrination. If I thought this, I would put a big "x" through it and say, no, you don't and send it back to the teacher. I don't like --


GUILFOYLE: My third husband will, though -- will be good in math.

BOLLING: Can we bring Greg in here? So, it starts in third grade, distribute the wealth.


BOLLING: Guess what happens? Through the whole educational experience, they can continue to get indoctrinated. Even through college and --

BECKEL: How do you know that?

GUTFELD: Well, I mean, everybody has anecdotal evidence of this. And I think the only way leftism can survive is through indoctrination, because number one adversary is reality. So, you've got to get them young. And it's perfect for kids.

Paul Krugman's logic is child's play. Share your stuff. The only thing you don't realize is you have to create wealth in order to make the stuff you share.

But kids don't see the parents -- they don't follow that with their parents. Neither do the left-wing economists.

A lot of this comes from the teachers. They get their news from The Huffington Post and their antiperspirant from the health food store. This is the way they live. I don't know --

PERINO: This is probably written by an OWS graduate student.

GUTFELD: Exactly. I haven't seen a textbook --

BECKEL: We built the segment of the show around this thing. And the fact of the matter is, I could go out tomorrow and come up with 100 examples of teachers who don't do this kind of thing.

BOLLING: That's not what I said.

GUILFOYLE: That wasn't the point of the segment.

BECKEL: A lot of textbooks that are just fine.

GUTFELD: Bob, you must see textbooks all the time at your apartment.

BECKEL: I just read them every day.

BOLLING: And to also make a point to parents out there. Read the history books. The reason I say that, a couple of years ago, my son's history book, and they actually were addressing the war in Iraq. They were very, very liberally biased, saying, you know, George Bush went in there. He heard there were weapons of mass destruction, never found. A very liberal bias to the history books.

GUTFELD: You know, there are science teachers that if they hear that a student is questioning like the global -- any kind of climate change thing, they just like think you are an idiot. They don't imply. They don't offer any evidence.

BECKEL: You guys just gave two examples of things right. I mean --

BOLLING: All right. Listen, before we go -- take a look at your kid's textbooks tonight. If you see anything sketchy, drop us a line, at

BECKEL: Send it to Eric. Attention Eric.

BOLLING: Forward to me @EricBolling on Twitter that's fine.

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