Rep. Gohmert on why he voted against Speaker Boehner

Texas lawmaker speaks out


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, this congressman, by the way, did read it. He did not like it. He didn't vote for it.

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert one of the few Republicans who didn't vote for Speaker Boehner either. So you're talking about a guy who is making friends fast and furious in the nation's capital.

The man who has now been relegated to House janitor joins us right now.

Congressman, always good to have you.

REP. LOUIE GOHMERT, R - TX: Neil, it's always good to be with you.

CAVUTO: Was there any fallout, by the way, real quickly on nixing Speaker Boehner, that you didn't vote for him? There were some who worried that there would be retribution. Any hint of that?

GOHMERT: Well, you know, we have already seen people be purged for not voting as they were expected.

But, Neil, John Boehner is one of the nicest guys around, one of the most fun guys to be around. But we are -- this Congress is so full of brilliant, talented people. We elected him majority leader...

CAVUTO: Well, he orchestrated this package that you guys voted on.

GOHMERT: Yes, exactly.

CAVUTO: He put it up toyou for a vote.

GOHMERT: And two years ago -- two years ago, we had taken a pledge that John Boehner had said that we should.

And one of the things we were going to do is what we just -- we were not going to do is what we just did with this bill. And it is not like we didn't know it was coming. It has been coming for over a year.

So, anyway, when you have so many brilliant, talented people in Congress, it doesn't say anything about somebody not being a nice guy. It just says it's time for a change at the top.

CAVUTO: Well, I am not interested in whether he is a nice guy. I think he's an amiable enough guy.

GOHMERT: Yeah. But it's time for a change.

CAVUTO: And I just think that he did -- he wasn't for this package, but he -- but at the end he said I'm going to leave it to my members to vote on. A majority in the House, Democrats and Republicans, did vote for it.


CAVUTO: You did not. Is there going to be any hell to pay for that?

GOHMERT: Well, I mean, already, from two years ago, any chairmanship that I might get, I didn't get.

I guess the only one that the speaker doesn't have a say in nixing was -- I'm co-chair of the Thursday morning prayer breakfast Bible study.


GOHMERT: But, other than that -- yeah.

But this is a matter of we cannot be about business as usual. And that is what my vote was. It was a statement, we can't be about business as usual. This has nothing...


CAVUTO: Well, business as usual means rushing stuff and cramming it into a bill that very few of your colleagues even have a chance to read, if they were so inclined anyway.

GOHMERT: That's right.

CAVUTO: And then they are surprised, as was the president apparently, by a couple of provisions he was not aware of that were neatly tucked inside this bill.

GOHMERT: Well, the asparagus farmers did need the help, apparently, is what we are told.

CAVUTO: Amazing.

GOHMERT: Anyway, and so did the race car, motocross, whatever was included in there.

CAVUTO: All right.

GOHMERT: But the thing is, it is time for a different -- a change, it's time for something different, a change of pace.

And I just could not vote for business as usual.

CAVUTO: Well, you are a man...


CAVUTO: Congressman, you are a man of principle. I wish we had more time, because I'm a man of sticking to time and commercials.

GOHMERT: Well, thank you. Yes.

CAVUTO: And if I don't...

GOHMERT: And I love that about you.

CAVUTO: ... I don't get paid.

GOHMERT: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Congressman, thank you very, very much.

GOHMERT: Thanks, Neil.

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