Grapevine: Some MI schools close early over doomsday fears

Early start for winter holiday


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Break Time

Some school kids in Michigan got an early start to winter break and it wasn't for snow days.

The reason? The end of the world. Seriously.

Concerns connected to the Mayan prediction of the world ending on Friday were part of the reason school was canceled in 25 school districts in Michigan.

Local reports say the cancellation notice also cited rumors of violence and the recent school shooting in Connecticut, even though they were investigated and determined to be false

The superintendent said administrators were reluctant to cancel school, but felt it was the right decision

Working for the Weekend

NASA can't wait for Saturday, December 22 -- not because they expect the world will end -- but so the phone will stop ringing.

The Los Angeles Times reports, NASA is fielding 10 times as many calls as usual because people are so concerned over the doomsday prediction.

The agency says it decided to do everything in its power to convince people the conspiracy theories -- like a rogue planet destroying the Earth tomorrow -- are unfounded.

Online, one panel discussion with scientists has drawn more than four million views.

End of the World

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not worried about the end of days. He says he knows when it will happen telling reporters, it will be in four and a half billion years when the sun dies.

Arizona Senator John McCain was reassured today, tweeting -- quote -- "Thanks Vlad, I can finally rest easy about tomorrow!"

Unlucky 13

Finally, for those looking to count down to something else -- the new year -- good luck charms are in high demand heading into 2013.

The New York Post reports that 13 charms -- including a four-leaf clover and a Buddha statue will be used in the annual Times Square celebrations to help calms any superstitious fears people have about the giant number 13.