Giuliani: There are no easy answers to this tragedy

Former New York City mayor on school shooting


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": All right, we are getting word on this day of this horrendous school shooting where you heard the alleged shooter's mother and father were killed that the father might not have been killed, he might be very much alive. We will keep you posted on that.

We also want to let you know in about 30 minutes or so, Connecticut law enforcement officials are going to update the media on the very latest that they have. We know at this point of 27 dead in Connecticut, 18 children, largely kindergartners killed in this.

Two additional children who had been transported to Danbury Hospital later pronounced dead, six adults including the school's principal dead at the scene. And of course the shooter is dead as well, separately, an adult dead. That is the assailant's mother is dead, but, again, these reports that the father had been killed in New Jersey might not be accurate.

The reports are that the father is very much alive.

All right, let's step back to get a sense of this former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Mayor, so much to piece together. What do you make of it?

RUDY GIULIANI (R), FORMER NEW YORK CITY MAYOR: Well, I mean, this is horrendous and it's something where it is hard to keep your emotions in check because all of us who are parents, this is the nightmare that you live through.

This is a community that was a quiet, semi-rural community, right near the federal prison that I know really well, Danbury Prison.

CAVUTO: Right.

GIULIANI: This has to be a total complete traumatic blow to the community.

It's also one of these where you will not get easy answers. There are no easy answers to this. Anyone who tries to present easy answers to this is just ignoring the problem. And to really examine why this happened, is it happening more frequently, how can we reduce it, maybe we can never end it, but reduce it, everything has to be on the table. You cannot be an advocate or one social or political view or the other.

This lies deep in the human personality? The factors that indicate this, science has not figured out yet. We cannot predict this. You cannot see it with any kind of certitude. But we have to look at are there better ways to predict it? We have to look at, are there better ways to secure these schools?

He did walk in, apparently, it sounds like, at least in one case, with a fairly large weapon. How did that happen? Can you secure against it? What do we do about weapons? We should have a nonpolitical, humble discussion.

CAVUTO: Yes, but that one, I leave aside now, but I see what you're saying.


GIULIANI: Everything should be on the table and everyone should have some humility that they don't have the answers to this.

CAVUTO: But what about just guarding -- remember after Columbine, Mayor? They put metal detectors in a lot of schools. We still had some shootings. And it didn't stop Virginia Tech, where there were such detectors.

GIULIANI: Here is the truth about that.

You could have had perfect security through this school and those children would be alive. But maybe some other group of children would be dead. A personality like this, it seems to me, is going to kill.

And if it isn't the kids in the school, it may be someone else. There are a lot of factors to this. That's why there is not a simple solution. That's why you cannot say just secure the schools. Well, then it will happen in a shopping center. That's why you cannot say, oh, it is just guns, because if you look at -- you mentioned Scandinavia.

More people got killed in Scandinavia...

CAVUTO: Tightest gun laws on the planet.

GIULIANI: ... without gun laws, and pretty strong gun laws in Connecticut.

And you can't say it is just human behavior, because we cannot predict human behavior enough. It's all those things. But what I would like to see maybe eventually is for this country to kind of discuss all of this with everyone kind of laying aside their prejudices and the thing they are committed to the most and having some humility about this.

CAVUTO: I always wonder, too, with metal detectors and the like if someone is intent on killing a lot of people, they just go right through that. Right?

GIULIANI: Yes. There is not perfect answer to this.

Here's what there are. There are better answers to it. There are approaches to this. And I think if we -- all of us realize the enormity of this, the way we did September 11, where everyone put aside their usual political answer to things and tried to seek a better answer, maybe we can reduce some of this.

And, finally, our hearts have to go out to these parents. These people are being dealt a blow no one should have to go through.

CAVUTO: Nobody.

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