Common Sense

Cavuto: Our lives are priceless

Stuff doesn't matter, people do


To show you just how profound an effect this school shooting has had on our country...

Look no further than Wall Street.

Traders on Friday more riveted by images out of Connecticut popping up on TV screens on the floor, than buy and sell orders flashing on nearby computer screens on that same floor.

Trading was light.

And in this supposedly callous capitalist bastion... Hearts were heavy.

And for a brief moment today... Mouths were totally silent...

I think it speaks volumes when no one is speaking at all.

When they're just watching.

And thinking.

And wondering...

And in the case of a place like Wall Street, where money means everything, for a brief moment, it meant nothing.

Money powerless to bring 20 little lives back.

Money useless to help make so many devastated parent's whole.

Money that couldn't buy a one of them a happy Christmas.

Or put even a deposit on the faintest hopes for a better new year.

There are many things money cannot buy.

And among them, is peace of mind.

...the stark realization of that is one of the more humbling realities of all this.

...that the things we scramble for in life, and fight over in life, and scratch and claw each other to gain an edge in life...

...seem so silly when we are dead and gone.

Or folks we remembered just bumping into the other day, are dead and gone.

And we start thinking more about the fragility of life, and less about the stuff we have in life.

And then we take a look at those little children just starting life, and we think even less about that stuff.

None of this is to say in this great capitalist society, we still don't hold our stuff tight.

It's just after moments like these, that we hold our own kids' hands...even tighter.

Even on Wall Street... Where they know prices...

But now and then... Appreciate what's priceless.