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Bill O'Reilly: America needs leaders

Talking Points 11/28


By Bill O'Reilly

In order to turn the country around and boy do we need that! Good leadership will have to step up. That means politicians who put you ahead of their own welfare. Elected officials who are honest, intelligent and daring. We need that kind of leadership. It's one of the reasons I wrote "Killing Lincoln" and "Killing Kennedy". I wanted to show readers exactly what leadership is both good and bad. And I think we have been successful in doing that.

The American media discourages bold leadership because it attacks politicians based on ideology. So many strong leaders don't even bother running not wanting to punish themselves and their family.

When thinking about leadership, it's instructive to look at "Time" magazine's nominees for "Person of the Year 2012." "Time" does this every year. You guys get to vote but really the editors decide.

Some of the magazine's nominees this year are very interesting. Sandra Fluke up, Dennis Miller has some thoughts on her. So I'll step aside until he gets here in a few moments. Rapper Jay-Z has been nominated. Why on earth would he be the person of the year? Ditto Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I mean, Stewart is great. He is a tremendous talent but why would he be person of the year?

Joe Biden is on the list, for what reason? What has the Vice President done? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is there. OK, you could make a case he handled Sandy well but what else? Our pal Karl Rove on the person of the year list. Why? Also PSY on the list.

We dealt with him yesterday. And you know what? I'm voting for PSY. He is my guy. I want him to be person of the year because that would send "Time" magazine a message: "stop screwing around".

If Barack Obama doesn't win person of the year, I will be surprised. Yes, "Time" nominated Mitt Romney, but he has no chance. Neither does Hillary Clinton, who is somewhat responsible for the Libyan mess. Bill Clinton is on the list. I would vote for Jay-Z over the former president.

I have nothing against Mr. Clinton. He's another brilliant man. But why would he be person of the year? For what? And so you can see that we are living in a very shallow time in America. Pardon the pun.

The truth is, we have very few dynamic leaders in this country; where is Abe Lincoln when we need him? Just like 1860 America is a divided nation, there is a culture war raging. We need someone to bring us together to solve complicated problems and to stop all the nonsense. Lincoln could have done it.

And that's "The Memo."