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Bill O'Reilly: Christmas chaos in Rhode Island

Talking Points 11/27


By Bill O'Reilly

Now last year, Governor Lincoln Chafee wanted to ban the word Christmas from the Christmas tree lighting at the State House. Chafee wanted to call it the "Holiday Tree." He lost. In fact he got his butt kicked as Rhode Islanders reacted furiously.

This year, Chafee spokeswoman Christine Hunsinger announced there would be no Christmas tree lighting at all in Providence. That tradition dates back about 20 years. Well, less than 24 hours after Miss Hunsinger said that, she recanted, saying she made a mistake. There will indeed be a Christmas tree lighting, but she doesn't know when.

Does that make any sense to you? Is Miss Hunsinger related to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice?

Anyway, there is obviously more Christmas chaos in Rhode Island and Governor Chafee is again behind it. Apparently he believes that Roger Williams, who founded Rhode Island in 1636, would not want to call a Christmas tree "a Christmas tree" or something.

Now, this is insane, of course. There is no reason to mess around with the word "Christmas". As we reported, President Grant signed a law in 1870 making Christmas a federal holiday. So there really isn't any controversy unless Congress revokes the holiday.

Christmas is Christmas. It celebrates the birth of Jesus. Therefore, the word "Christmas", images of Jesus, any songs or poems or stories discussing him are appropriate under the law.

Secular Progressives hate that. They don't like public displays of Jesus because Christians believe he's God. And Christians are the enemy. This has been going on for ten years now. It really got heated a few years ago when some dopey department store chains actually ordered their employees not to say the word "Christmas."

As you may remember, we got involved here at The Factor and that largely stopped. So now misguided politicians like Lincoln Chafee are trying to use their power to diminish Christmas because the private sector has largely surrendered to the common good.

By the way the reason the department stores folded was because millions of you wouldn't buy their stuff. Not only are Secular Progressives furious about Christmas in general, but they even deny, deny there is an assault against it.


CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: The first bomb allegedly dropped in Rhode Island, Governor Lincoln Chafee, neither a Republican nor Democrat but Independent, called the State House Christmas Tree a "Holiday Tree". Fox News as it does every year, went crazy.

JON STEWART, COMEDY CENTRAL HOST: I think the bearded guy you're protecting might be the wrong bearded guy. But I admit, the season wouldn't feel the same without people going out of their way to be offended by nothing.

CENK UYGUR, LIBERAL TV HOST: Fox News likes to bring a touch of holiday fear to their viewers with endless coverage of the completely bogus "War on Christmas."


O'REILLY: Sure. So we here at The Factor are looking forward to the Christmas Tree Lighting in Providence, Rhode Island. In fact, some of my staff are going to attend that lighting as soon as Governor Chafee and his spokeswoman tell us when it will be. It should be a joyous occasion. Celebrating a federal holiday that honors a man of peace and peace be with you, Governor Chafee.

And that's "The Memo."