'District of Corruption' exposes crony capitalism in Washington

New film exposes scandal, crony capitalism in DC


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And welcome to the special edition of "Hannity." Now, that was a clip from a movie by Victory Film called "District of Corruption." Now, the film details the highest level of cronyism in Washington dating back to the Clinton administration. We'll going to be showing you clips throughout the hour tonight and the current administration was supposed to be the most transparent in history. But it's turned out to be anything but. And now, we have another four years to look forward to. So, can we anticipate cronyism and corruption until 2016?

Joining me now is the writer, director of the film Steve Bannon and the author of "The Corruption Chronicles," and president of judicial watch and the film's executive producer, Tom Fitton.

OK. Explain what we just saw in that clip because that says, this goes deep into what this movie is about.

STEVE BANNON, "DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION": I wanted to make a film, I think Washington become an imperial city. And I wanted -- it's been detached from the American people. I wanted to a film that showed how that happened. How this corruption, how this happened over the last 20 years and particularly how it's culminated in the Obama administration. Every administration runs to be the most transparent administration.

HANNITY: Yes, they are full of it.

BANNON: Yes. And each one gets but shows you through Clinton and Bush and now Obama, on each time they run because they know the American people want transparency, the American wants openness and the American people want a government that is not in their lives. But each one increasingly gets more power to themselves. And so, that is why using the judicial watch, kind of a David versus Goliath, a small organization that is tough as nails, that's always confronting the administration and then taking the best of the young talent. Because mainstream doesn't cover us.

The town halls, the daily callers, the Breitbarts. So, you have Pavlich and Kerry Picket, and Peter Schweizer and Mike Flints. Combine that until the whole story and really end with the Obama administration which concentrate everything the Obama administrations done in one film and quite frankly I think it's shocking. When you see it altogether, you are shocked.

HANNITY: Because we started with Solyndra, we go Fast and Furious, blah, blah, blah and even now the Benghazi scandal that broke after you were doing the film and the cover-up --

BANNON: But it's the same type of thing where they do not want the information to come out.

TOM FITTON, DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION: Well, you know, the media can only cover so much about the scandals. And this is the first time that people will going to have the opportunity to see a sustained discussion of these important issues. Like Solyndra, like Fast and Furious which is a continuing scandal. We cover a lot of it but now we know that there are hundreds of others, Mexicans who were killed as a result of these guns. And this movie is the first long term discussion or long form discussion of this important scandal.

HANNITY: You know, we'll get into this in more details, the show goes on here. But in the case of Fast and Furious, our government gave guns to gang members, cartels, drug dealers, we didn't track them and they result in the deaths of a lot of people including a border agent. And then of course, when we are looking for information executive privilege is invoked, from the most transparent administration in history?

FITTON: This administration is less transparent than the Bush administration which we can all agree that it wasn't all that big -- of transparency. They fight us on virtually every document request we've made. We've made almost a thousand. We filed over a hundred lawsuits. And the problem with this administration is they talk a line on transparency but they fight you to death in the courts on it. And whether it be Fast and Furious, they don't want to turn over documents, you got to go over to court.

HANNITY: It's going to happen in Benghazi gates and Solyndra.

FITTON: And it's not just about Obama, it's all the president's men. The real villain of this movie in some ways is arguably Eric Holder. His Justice Department is a locust of evil in this administration when it comes to public policy discussions.

BANNON: Let's take Holder in Fast and Furious. I mean, you say executive privilege, that is a year into the process. I mean, they fight Congress tooth and nail to release any documents. The thing is so, I think about the film that is show shocking, it's literally like Tom said, it's everything they've got. Now, it's Benghazi and Univision just came out with more unfortunately people in Mexico.

HANNITY: It is thousands of guns. And there were kids that were mowed down.

BANNON: Not just guns. These are most advance weapons, you know.


BANNON: But these are assault weapons.

HANNITY: Look at what they are giving it to, they're giving it to cartel members. They're given it to known drug dealers with no means of tracking it. It's like here, go kill people. I mean.

BANNON: And by the way, for almost a year the mainstream media except for CBS one time, you had Matt Bowl (ph) of Daily Caller, yet Katie Pavlich of Town Hall, yet, Kerry Picket of The Washington Times, you had these intrepid young reporters continually to track these stories. They would have died. They would have died if the mainstream media had followed this, nothing would happen --

HANNITY: But this is basically what you are doing as you are putting all of this great information that so many people work really hard on getting out there and you putting it together and saying, cumulative way, this is what we're looking at.

BANNON: It's an education. It's like a closing argument for this election cycle. But we go back to the Clinton days. We show that this just didn't happen.

HANNITY: I got a clip -- now, you know --

BANNON: You show the increasing, remember the Chinese general, Clinton was I think about money. They came from Arkansas, and they saw a way to enrich themselves, Clinton administration. Then they had the Bush administration which Tom tried to take to the Supreme Court. But then in the Obama administration, what he's so callous about it is he ran specifically, power of hope and change, you remember. I'm going to be most transparent president, this can be the most transparent administration in American history and it's anything back. The second and third act of this film is absolutely shocking because we've done all these scandals and shown how judicial watch and this new media companies have tried to fight him every step of the way.

FITTON: The problem is and this film points it out that this is not going to begin, it didn't begin with the Obama administration and it won't end after he's in office.

HANNITY: And it's getting worst.


FITTON: It's metastasized under this administration.

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