Grapevine: Obama takes heat for 'pardoning' turkeys

PETA: Birds only guilty of 'being born into a world of prejudice'


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Party Poopers

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals does not see anything cute about the annual presidential turkey pardon we showed you just a few moments ago.

In a letter to the White House -- PETA wrote --"The White House turkey 'pardon' is a sorely outdated event. It makes light of the mass slaughter of some 46 million gentle -- intelligent birds and portrays the United States' president as being in some sort of business partnership with the turkey-killing industry."

PETA also took issue with the term "pardon" -- saying the turkeys are guilty of nothing but being born into a world of prejudice.

The Big House

A judge in Oklahoma has sentenced a teenager to 10 years of church attendance -- even though he admits it won't hold up legally.

The 17-year-old received a deferred sentence for DUI manslaughter.

Besides church attendance -- the teen will need to finish high school and welding school.

His attorney and the victim's family agreed to the terms of the sentence. The local chapter of the ACLU calls the church requirement a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The Judge -- who has recommended church in other cases -- says he doubts either side in this case will appeal.

Pardon My French

And finally -- as Ed Henry told us at the top of the program -- earlier this year President Obama was unsure whether Egypt -- is still an American ally.

Now his Homeland Security Secretary believes France -- is at the top of the list.

Janet Napolitano dismissed French media reports -- that the U.S. hacked into French government computers ahead of their election.

Quote -- "We have no greater partner than France. We have no greater ally than France"

Napolitano's fellow Americans don't quite see it that way. A Rasmussen poll finds Canada is viewed as an ally by 93-percent of those surveyed. Britain and Israel are next.
France is sixth -- with 69-percent.