Pressuring Iran the only path to peace in the Mideast?

Oliver North on the latest


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: This is a Fox News alert. We could be just hours away from Israel launching a ground invasion into Gaza. Now this as Israelis continued living in fear. Today alone Hamas fighters launched 95 rockets into Israel.

Police say the country's rocket defense system intercepted 29 of them. One hit a school that was luckily unoccupied school at the time. As of tonight, Hamas has launched more than 1,000 rockets over the border. To illustrate just how real the fear is in Israel, the president posted on his Facebook page a home video of a family taking cover in a park in Tel Aviv as they were celebrating a child's birthday.

But the Israelis continue to aggressively respond. Now today marks the sixth day of air strikes into Gaza and Israelis continue to target homes of Hamas activists. Earlier the Israelis launched a missile strike on a media center in Gaza city where reportedly one of their top militants was killed.

Joining me from Southern Israel tonight is Fox's own David Lee Miller with the very latest -- David.

DAVID LEE MILLER, FOX NEWS: Sean, it's four in the morning here in Israel, and as best we know at this hour, the Israeli cabinet is still meeting, members of the cabinet still meeting to review a proposed cease-fire, a cease-fire agreement that is being negotiated in Cairo.

Meanwhile, as you mentioned, not far from where I'm standing, there are troops and tanks ready for a possible ground incursion. Meanwhile today, we heard from the exiled leader of Hamas. He held a news conference in Cairo this afternoon. He said that he is not calling for any type of escalation, but he did say, and I quote him, "We will not accept any Israeli demands. They are the ones who attacked. The ceasefire will occur when our demands are met."

What are those demands? Hamas is reportedly calling for an end to the blockade of Gaza and no more targeted assassinations by Israel. Israel, meanwhile, wants a buffer zone set up along the border with Gaza and they want the rocket fire to cease before the current escalation began. Earlier this year there were hundreds and hundreds of rockets fired by militants from Gaza into Israel.

Just hours ago, Sean, air raid sirens went off again in Southern Israel. Militants fired at least three volleys of rockets. Overhead we can see the iron dome missile defense system doing its job. There were no injuries. Meanwhile, the Israeli military is keeping up pressure on the militants in Gaza. Just a few hours ago, there were a number of air strikes among the targets, according to our producer on the ground, a bank with ties to Hamas. We're also getting information that a building linked to Hamas security services was also hit. In the last few hours, we were told that there were five injuries on the ground in Gaza.

Lastly, Sean, worth noting today, there were no rockets targeting Tel Aviv. The reason for this, not clear. Their arsenal of these longer range rockets might be depleted or they might be saving them up for a future escalation. Back to you.

HANNITY: All right, David, thanks. Be safe there.

Joining me now is the author of the brand new book. It's called -- by the way, I couldn't put this down, "Heroes Proved" -- host of "War Stories" here on the Fox News Channel, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. Scary about how real life it is, we'll get to that in a second.

OLIVER NORTH, AUTHOR, "HEROES PROVED": There it is. It's all there.

HANNITY: Let me start with -- first of all, they're in Egypt, in Cairo trying to negotiate a settlement here, but we have in Cairo, we know what the prime minister did when he went to Hamas.

NORTH: The only way to stop what's happening right now to the people of Israel, which is dozens of rockets being fired against civilians, is to go to the place where they all originate, and that's Iran. The pressure ought not to be put on the people of Israel or the government of Israel.

What we're seeing is publicly Obama goes out and says they have the inherent right of self defense, but privately what's happening is Israelis are being warned not to go on the ground. As you just reported, they're on the edge of it. They're going to have to if they're going to stop this. Ultimately, the pressure against Israel doesn't come diplomatically. It comes by threatening to cut off the parts chain for those F-15s and F-16s that they are going to need in order to keep their airplanes in the air and God forbid have to do a strike against Iran.

HANNITY: Everybody forgets Nixon helped save Israel when he was president by supplying Israel with --

NORTH: Absolutely.

HANNITY: The parts that they needed and the supplies they needed.

NORTH: And Ronald Reagan did the same thing --

HANNITY: And Ronald Reagan did the same.

NORTH: But they also have done -- inside the government of the United States, particularly at the Pentagon, you can bring pressure to bear on the Israeli -- against the Israeli defense forces by simply saying you know, those spare parts that you need, the maintenance chain that's got to be done on those aircraft, boy, that stuff is going to get there a little bit slower. It's happened before. Eisenhower did it in '54.

HANNITY: This is an area of the world you know very, very well. Radical Islamists you understand very well. We had the Turkish prime minister saying Israel is a terrorist state. These are comments that have been echoed by the Egyptian Prime Minister Morsi -- President Morsi and by the prime minister who went to hang out with Hamas.

So the question is now, Israel is surrounded. They've got Hezbollah on the north, they've got Hamas, Syria and Egypt, and we've got a proxy war by Iran.

NORTH: And great instability occurring right now in Jordan. Look, all of this goes back to things like Benghazi, because in the aftermath of this administration claiming all kinds of different things about the death of bin Laden and now terrorism was done. The reality is the propaganda arms of radical Islam to include Al Qaeda are out there saying the Americans have been driven out of Iraq. They are being driven out of Afghanistan. We've burned their missions. Their diplomats are dead. And we can do it again.

The recruitment drive among the martyrs, the martyr messages going out through these mosques and these propaganda organizations have increased ten folds since Benghazi.

HANNITY: All right, here's the question I have. For those that don't understand what's happening, I say we're living through a period, history will describe it as the rise of the radical Islamists. Am I right?

NORTH: That's why I wrote the book. Shameless self promotion, but that's what's in this book. It's all there.

HANNITY: And you take us into the future.


HANNITY: This is a future where the NRA doesn't exist, a liberal president, and the world is beginning to implode.

NORTH: It begins with a deadly terror attack again that kills Americans. It begins with a government that lies to its people about what actually took place, Israel under the gun and being attacked. We're being told repeatedly that radical Islam is no longer a threat, and yet it's all in that book. It's all happening today.

HANNITY: You in your life, you were directed -- you were given orders by the CIA Director Casey at the time. You were given seven suicide pills, correct?


HANNITY: All right --

NORTH: You go to Tehran.

HANNITY: To negotiate for the hostages.

NORTH: It had to do with Tehran. It didn't have to do with day to day life in Washington.

HANNITY: I understand. But now as you see we're now two decades beyond. Explain. Is it worse now than it's ever been and how bad could it possibly get?

NORTH: I think it is worse. I think it's worst in large part because if we don't recognize who your enemy is -- and this was written 2000 years ago -- you will lose. We have not recognized the enemy to be radical Islam. We've created all kinds of names for it like Al Qaeda and Hamas and Islamic Jihad, but in fact, it is radical Islam. It's not war against all Muslims. It's radical Islam. What we've failed to do is to define the enemy so you know how to combat it.

HANNITY: But how widespread do you think this is, because I think it's far more widespread than people are willing to acknowledge.

NORTH: I will tell you what they're advertising for right now are martyrs that will blow themselves up in American missions not in the Middle East, but in other countries.

For example, I mean, it's easy to get in and out of Venezuela where we do have a diplomatic mission. It's easy to get in if you're a member of Hamas and Hezbollah because we've tracked people down there. If that kind of thing starts happening on a global scale of going after our diplomats, our military bases, and our commercial interests, we're up the creek, buddy.

HANNITY: But everybody had it wrong about Egypt and the Arab Spring. I said the Muslim Brotherhood would come in power. You said it, but very few people saw what was coming. What do you see coming next?

NORTH: I see the growth of an Islamic threat, the potency of which is behind -- what's behind it is Iran.

HANNITY: How does Israel survive that?

NORTH: Well, look, to a certain extent, everybody is right. If enough pressure is brought to bear against Iran, there would be an uprising.

HANNITY: But there's not.

NORTH: I understand. You asked me what if, so I'm saying if there was enough pressure brought to bear against Iran, you would not have the outcome forecast in the book. You would not have the outcome that's played out as we see it today in the Middle East.

Iran is the problem. Bringing pressure on Israel to stop defending itself is the wrong approach. What they ought to be doing is taking the fight to Iran because ultimately the Turks and the Egyptians and the Saudis are all threatened by Iran.

HANNITY: Why do I look at the world and economically I see we're back in the 1930s. Why do I see also we've got the rise of extremism and we still have, you know, why do I see Obama as the Neville Chamberlain of our time. Is that unfair?

NORTH: Two reasons. Number one, it's not flattery. You and I know each other well. You're a student of history. You know the history. Number two, we are repeating the same steps, appeasement and denial. We denied for years what Hitler's goal was for the Jewish people and what his goals were for the people of Europe. We denied it. He wrote a book about it in 1923 and said if I get to power, this is what I want to do. Everybody said we don't believe it so we didn't.

We're in that same situation today with the leadership that we have in Washington.

HANNITY: The same goal, the annihilation of Israel as a state, and they are serious and they are taking the step to achieve it. And the United States is either in denial and sitting on the sidelines and Iran keeps building their weapons of mass destruction coupled with fanaticism equals what?

NORTH: And they've told us what the target is, the great Satan and the little Satan. Tel Aviv is going to be target number one for an Iranian nuclear weapon. The folks in Jerusalem, in Bibi Netanyahu's administration, they understand that.

HANNITY: Why would they even negotiate at this point a cease-fire when all that is going to happen is -- because these cowards, what they're doing is they are hiding behind mosques and schools and hospitals where they fire the weapons. They'll be a retreat, reload, rearm, and then they'll come back again with a bigger weapon.

NORTH: So why would the Israelis accommodate that?


NORTH: Because they're being told very quietly by the government of the United States under the table that if you continue to press this, the parts chain to maintain your air force that you will need to defend your country against Iran, that parts chain is going to slow down.

HANNITY: Doesn't there come a point of no return, though?

NORTH: Yes and that's why above every public building in Israel, not all of them, but many of them, are the words "never again." It's not a political slogan. It's because they remember what happened.

HANNITY: But couldn't again happen? Why do I fear it could?

NORTH: Well, we ought to be very concerned. We ought to be standing up to the Iranians.

HANNITY: I agree with you.

NORTH: Instead of bashing the Israelis. Again, I'm not trying to beat the drum. I don't have the gift of prophecy.

HANNITY: This is as close as you get. We got a roll. You're going to be at the Huntington Book Revue (ph) tomorrow.

NORTH: Yes. You're going to be there tomorrow.

HANNITY: It's 6:30.

NORTH: You got it. See you there.


NORTH: Yes. He will be there, ladies and gentlemen.

HANNITY: I've got a job to do, you know. Thank you.

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