Knesset deputy speaker: We will do 'whatever is necessary' to bring peace to Israel

Deputy Knesset speaker Danny Danon weighs in


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Joining us now from Tel Aviv is Danny Danon. He is a member of the Likud Party in the Knesset. Danny, thank you for being with us. I know it's very early in the morning there.

What we have, reservists now are being called up, we see tanks beginning to move towards the border, all indications are that this looks like preparations for a potential ground war. What's going on?

DANNY DANON, KNESSET DEPUTY SPEAKER: Sean, we are very determined. We'll do whatever is necessary to bring peace to the south of Israel. Look at the back of the picture. It is quiet now, but in a few hours, millions of people will have to run to shelters, children, we have to be very determined.

The government decided that we will do whatever is necessary. We attack only from the air, only military targets. But if we have to, we will go into Gaza and clean up the mess, though.

HANNITY: Well, one of the things that make this is more problematic for the Israelis, number one, you have Morsi, who has been anti-Israel for a long time, and part of a terror group called the Muslim Brotherhood, coupled with now they have Russian laser-guided missiles that they are using with a far greater range than they have had in the past.

DANON: The prime minister of Egypt visited Gaza yesterday. I didn't hear him condemning the Hamas sending missiles on civilians in Israel and I did not hear him saying anything about stability in the region. I think the Egyptians must decide, if they want to get support from the U.S., from the E.U., they are asking for a lot of money. They have to take a stance and not to stand with the terrorists.

HANNITY: What do you make, what should they make now that Egypt has sided with Hamas in this, what should the United States -- what would you like to see the United States do? We give them billions and billions of dollars in U.S. aid.

I think the United States, this is one of these moments where they ought to take a stand. The president says he supports Israel and will always support Israel. Israel is under fire, rockets are pounding their cities. Should the president cut off aid to Israel -- I'm sorry, cut off aid to Egypt?

DANON: The U.S. wants to see stability in the region, the president and Congress and Senate endorsing Israel in the last few hours. But I think it's about time to tell the Egyptians to make a stand. You want to get money from the U.S., you have to stop with the violence, have you to stop indulging Hamas.

You know, Sean, after the U.S. killed Usama Bin Laden, Hamas was the only organization that condemned the U.S. You cannot allow yourself with the Hamas in one hand and the other, come to the U.S. and get billions of U.S. dollars.

HANNITY: Let me ask you this, I have been saying, I believe we are going to look back in history and refer to this as the time of the radical Islamist. We know what happened with the Arab spring in Egypt. Muslim Brotherhood's in charge. We see what happened in Libya.

We don't know what will unfold in Syria, on top of that I would argue that Jordan has been weakened as well and they are probably ripe for takeover. And we see the influence of Iran all throughout the region. Am I correct? Would this be an accurate description, the rise of the radical Islamists?

DANON: I think you are absolutely correct. I would call it not the Arab Spring. I would call at this time Arab Winter. Look at what is happening now. The missiles that are being sent into Israel are coming from Iran. They are shipped into the peninsula and then into Gaza and using it against Israel.

So Iran is the co-evil in the region. We see what they are doing in the south, in Lebanon and we would have to deal with them eventually. Now we are dealing with Hamas, but the main source of evil is coming from Iran.

HANNITY: Where is President Obama?

DANON: Well, last night, President Obama spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu. He said that he understands that Israel has the right to defend itself, but it is too early to call. Let's wait. Now it's easy because we are targeting the military targets. But if we have to go in, it will be ugly. Then we will need the U.S. to be with us.

HANNITY: Thank you for being with us.

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