Common Sense

Cavuto: John McCain is a war hero, not a wimp

President should cool it on his attacks


Did the president really just tell John McCain to man up?

And quit picking on Susan Rice?

Did he really say that if the senator has a problem with his UN ambassador, he should take it up with her boss?

Is that's the president's way of calling John McCain a wimp?

Are you kidding me?

John McCain?

War hero John McCain?

Decorated fighter pilot who kept "volunteering" for dangerous mission's John McCain?

Six years in a North Vietnamese prison, getting the crap beat out of him John McCain?

Are we talking about "Hanoi Hilton" John McCain?

A man so badly battered and rifle-butted bayoneted and beaten, often every other hour, that to this day, he's incapable of simply raising his arms above his head?

"That" John McCain?

The guy who after all that refused preferential treatment or early release because his father was an admiral. "That" John McCain?

That’s" the guy who needs to man up and pick on someone his own size?

Leaving aside the clearly sexist tone of the president's faux-rage, more like "leave the lady alone go after me."

Is it me, or isn't Senator McCain already on record as desperately trying "to" go after the president? Or at least get a simple answer from him on this whole Benghazi mess?

And wasn't it the president who put Susan Rice out on all the weekend talk shows right after the September 11th attacks, to address this mess?

If she wasn't your go-to person, Mr. President, why did you make her that?

Why were her words deemed the official white house reaction to that?

If memory serves me right, John McCain asked that himself. Why is Susan Rice speaking, and not the president?

Where was the president's rage then?

And why this "sudden" rage now?

And why only now, this press conference temper tantrum over the "coverage" of Benghazi now and not over four dead Americans in Benghazi then?

So much we still don't know.

This much I do know.

John McCain didn't make Susan Rice the mangled messenger the president did.

Just like I know John McCain isn't the guy you want to all but call out for "not" being a man.

I think he put that one to rest, after spending years in a small prison cell in Vietnam, when you, Mr. President, were just a kid.