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Cavuto: Romney's loss doesn't make him a 'loser'

Media still throwing him under the bus


It hasn't even been a week since the election, and already I'm reading it's all Mitt Romney's fault.


Not the Mitt Romney I knew.

Maybe the Mitt Romney "you" knew, maybe the Mitt Romney many in the media "wanted" you to know.

But not the Mitt Romney I knew, and know.

He "lost." But that doesn't make him a "loser."

Look, the election's done, and you'd think an un-relenting media might finally cut this guy some slack

I've covered many campaigns and many candidates in my life, and I've known few classier, or more decent than Mitt Romney. And don't even get me started on his wife, Ann.

I'm not here to betray a bias, just some anger I know I will never see in Romney himself.

He's too classy to be catty. I am not.

He's too decent to talk about double standards in coverage. I am not.

I just find it ironic that a media that seemed fixated on Romney's sometimes shifting positions over "years," didn't apply the same standard to his opponent's shifting positions over "months."

That Mitt Romney can't evolve on issues like immigration, but Barack Obama "can" on issues like gay marriage, rip Romney for contraception views that changed over decades, but say nothing about how in one remarkable week, the president's contraception coverage views to calm angry Catholics changed...over days!

Mitt's evil because he shifted jobs to china.

The president's not when the auto companies he rescued "are" shifting jobs to china.

Perish the thought the media would be fair during the campaign but to dump on Romney and continue kicking the dog "they made" "after" the campaign?

Romney deserves better. Not for history. For simple decency.

A man who loved his wife and proved it, stood by her when she got very sick, twice, and not once talked about it.

So "square," I guess, all the easier to put Romney in a "box."

A man who came to workers' aid, when they needed it most, but refused to even discuss it on the campaign trail in the least.

A man attacked for getting rich after putting thousands to work, risking "his" money...but the president's not, for "losing" jobs, after spending billions on stimulus and bailouts with "our" money.

No, Mitt's the twit because he can't carry a tune like the president.

...forgetting the fact, he brought down the house at a certain Al Smith Dinner, playing a pretty good, self-deprecating Bob Newhart alternative "to" the president.

Maybe if little is made of the joke, the media figured, we can still make old mitt...the joke. And the media did.

According to one comic, because the president wasn't as funny i.e., we like the president, we don't like Mitt.

Look, none of this means Romney isn't to blame for his defeat.

Perhaps he should have countered more. Engaged Latinos more. Convinced women more. Shown his heart more. Bragged about his inherent decency more.

I don't know. This much I do know.

Mitt Romney deserves better.

From a media and now smarmy Republican Party that would sooner point fingers than ever get a clue.

Mitt Romney wasn't the problem.

They were. They are.

Too wormy to admit it. Too arrogant to concede it.

Too cock-sure Romney offended some of that 47 percent relying on government benefits..

But not once questioning, how the hell did it get as high as 47 percent relying on government benefits.

Romney was inelegant in his words. They were inept in their response.

But why bother?

When it's easier to throw voters for a loss and just throw old Mitt Romney under the bus.

Even after, in agonizing defeat, he raises the bar.

A few words of praise for his grace, for a media and increasingly distancing party more inclined to treat him like garbage.

Again, Mitt's too decent to call them all disingenuous, pretentious, obnoxious asses.

Fortunately, I am not.