Cain: America more divided now than four years ago

Fmr. presidential candidate sounds off on voter intimidation


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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Every Election Day unfortunately always brings us new disturbing examples of voter intimidation. Just like four years ago, we saw new members of the new Black Panther party showing up outside polling places.

And Jerry Jackson, he was one of them, and Fox News caught him on tape outside a polling site in Northern Virginia. Now in 2008, he along with another Black Panther member were charged with voter intimidation. But the charges were eventually dropped by the Eric Holder Justice Department.

But this year, Fox News has confirmed, he was in fact a designated poll watcher, pretty unbelievable. Joining me now with reaction, former presidential candidate, Herman Cain.

Sir, I didn't see his baton this year. They thought they were going to be clever and invite him back and make him a poll watcher. You know, after he didn't get prosecuted. Very clever, on the left. You know, it does say a lot. What are your thoughts?

HERMAN CAIN, FORMER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, my thoughts are, this whole thing about civility, the Democrats have demonstrated they can find new lows to be in-civil about the language. This is nothing more than another way to get around the voter intimidation charge and to basically cause white voters to think twice about going to vote.

That's what that was all about. And pick this actress you talked about earlier. I mean, that is shear hostile, hostility. If this is where the Democrats are going, and they want to try and be hostile toward people because they disagree with them, this country is in a sad shape.

We already have enough problems, but incivility and hostility in politics and -- this is the United States of America --

HANNITY: This is what I was bringing up with Juan.

CAIN: You should be able to have a different view with someone without them being hostile toward you.

HANNITY: Well, you know, that was my case about -- if I am the president - - I mean, this sincerely, he won his victory.

CAIN: Right.

HANNITY: But if I am the president, I just think his campaign was -- everybody associated with it -- you know, David Axelrod -- we won. They can be all proud. I wouldn't be proud of running a campaign like that. Would you?

CAIN: They won, Sean. I boil it down to this. Obviously, I was disappointed. The people that voted for Obama -- they voted for popularity. Obama ran a popularity campaign. Romney ran a substance campaign.

The people that voted for Obama, they looked past the unemployment rate, they looked past the 22 million people who are unemployed. They looked past the economy. They looked past the fact that this administration has basically overlooked the law and on and on and on. Because they were enamored with the popularity of this president and the popularity campaign. That's the difference.

HANNITY: The media failed. This is where Bob Woodward and I were disagreeing.

Let me put up on the screen, Melissa Joan Hart is her name. She is an actress and we saw this earlier in the campaign as well. She said, "I can't get too political in a 140 characters" -- his is on Twitter obviously -- "I'm voting Romney-Ryan. Probably lost a few jobs in Hollywood with my political views, so sad the tolerant left is anything but! Voter don't complain."

Eviscerated, the single most vicious things -- I couldn't begin to repeat half of them.

CAIN: Right.

HANNITY: That's what you were talking about earlier. Look, it is a 51-49 country right now, it's pretty divided, Herman, where does it go from here?

CAIN: This country is more divided now than it was four years ago. I have other friends that live in Hollywood and they have shared with me their own personal experiences about if you are a conservative, or express a conservative view, you have to basically remain, quote, "underground."

Or you will be eviscerated like this actress was, simply because you want to express a conservative view. This nation is more divided than it's ever been. Why?

Because with the campaign, as you pointed out, President Obama and his surrogates, they pushed class warfare to the limits. They pushed race warfare to the limit. And as a result, it created a hostility that some people they are able to make.

HANNITY: Herman Cain, you are a great American. Good to see you, sir.

CAIN: Thanks, Sean.

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