Grapevine: More food stamps than new jobs?

GOP analysis of latest numbers


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Food for Thought

The growth of the food stamp program under President Obama is 75 times as much as new net job growth.

The Weekly Standard breaks down a GOP analysis of the numbers after today's jobs report. 194,000 new net jobs created compared to 14.7 million new people added to the food stamp rolls.

From the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee -- quote -- "In January 2009, there were 133.56 million Americans with jobs and 31.98 million on food stamps. Today there are 133.76 million Americans with jobs and 46.68 million on food stamps."

Missing in Action

Thursday night, none of the big three network evening newscasts devoted any time to the ongoing Libya scandal for the seventh straight night.

Even though reporters Jake Tapper at ABC and Sharyl Attkisson at CBS have written stories demanding answers and accountability from the Obama administration, Newsbusters notes those stories were banished to the Internet.

Cause and Effect

Wednesday, we learned the Syrian government attributes monster storm Sandy to advanced technology developed by Iran.

Now some anti-American Muslim clerics say Sandy is divine punishment for "Innocence of Muslims" -- that's the film trailer mocking the Prophet Muhammad.


And, we told you Thursday, Reverend Joseph Lowery -- who gave the benediction at President Obama's inauguration – said he believes all white people are going to hell.

Today, he did not apologize. He said his comments were basically a joke and things are being blown out of proportion due to his connection to President Obama so close to this election.


REVEREND JOSEPH LOWERY: I told a story that I've told a 100 times, particularly in iteration -- audiences to lighten it up...we can get along, there's not that much difference, in spite of our complexions.