Common Sense

Cavuto: We owe a lot of cash

And we have lost a lot of clout


We are what we are worth.

And right about now, we aren't worth a lot.

Fact, on paper, we aren't worth anything.

We owe...more than we have.

Which explains why you can count the few countries that still respect us on half a hand.

No wonder so many countries are showing us the finger.

That's what happens when you're broke. Friendships break. Trust breaks. Respect breaks.

16 trillion dollars in debt does that. It makes your friends privately snicker, and your enemies publicly scold.

...leave it to Iran's president to question whether we are up to the task to "lecture," let alone, "lead" the world.

When you got no got no clout.

Man...Pardon my French...but ain't "not" being rich, a bitch?

Try as I might, I never recall a "maître de" offering a prime table to a homeless person. For the rich guy, he'll all but throw another family out the restaurant to make room.

It's not fair. It's not right. It just is.

We owe. Friends go.

I'm just surprised this basic conundrum got little more than a passing mention at last night's foreign policy debate.

Because if beggars can't be choosers, no wonder we don't go too far rattling our creditors' cages?

That's how much we still need china. We swallow a lot of nonsense from China. We figure, stupidly, I think, we need China more than China needs us. And the way we act, who can blame China for thinking the same way.

It figures it can always find willing buyers for "its" stuff...

How many countries do you see lining up to buy our debt?

I wish I heard that last night.

But maybe "both" candidates are too afraid to admit the now inescapable truth.

No matter who leads this country, we keep going deeper in debt; we will never be the same country.

We owe. "We" go!

Because if we can't look after our own affairs, how the heck are we going to look after the world's?

Look at the numbers. No surprise the whole world has our number.