Friday Lightning Round: Obama campaign donation

'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in


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BRET BAIER, ANCHOR: Every week viewers vote for your choice online in this, the Friday Lightning Round. And this week, the Obama campaign donations, what some say are illegal donations, the campaign is denying that. 67 percent of you voted for that. We'll start there in this, a very fast lightning, lightning round. Bill, what about this story?

BILL KRISTOL, EDITOR, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: I don't know. If Bob Dole could not make an issue in '96 of Bill Clinton's campaign finance practices, it's just dubious that you can ever get real outrage going about the campaign finance issues.

BAIER: Kirsten?

KIRSTEN POWERS, COLUMNIST, NEW YORK POST: First of all, this study was commissioned by the person who did the really pro-Sarah Palin movie. I think he's really an operative. I take it with a grain of salt.

BAIER: Charles, it's true that there are not a lot of checks in the process on the online especially.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Yeah, and look they're doing it with a wink and nod and pretending they have all these safeguards. Clearly they want to be plausibly denial. They know the foreign money is coming in, but if there is ever any action on it, it's not going to happen until Election Day, so why should they care?

BAIER: Winners and losers.

KRAUTHAMMER: Winner, Hugo Chavez.

BAIER: Hugo Chavez?

KRAUTHAMMER: Hugo Chavez, who won re-election. The only person who will ever recall him in an election will be god. And loser is, I hate to say this because I'm in the minority with Martha Raddatz. I pay good money to see a fight, not the referee.

BAIER: Interventionist debate moderator?

KRAUTHAMMER: Yes, but I put a name on it now. I'm stuck with that.

BAIER: Kirsten?

POWERS: Mitt Romney is definitely the winner. Nate Silver did a good analysis today that this was not just a little bump, this was actually a change in the trajectory. So the loser -- it's a zero sum game. The loser is Obama.

BAIER: Many people are moving Florida now to lean Romney. Charles -- sorry, Bill.

KRISTOL: The week's winner is baseball, which has had a fantastic post season, walk-off homeruns, Raul Ibanez, Jayson Werth last night, unbelievable. The Giants coming back from down 2-0 to win 3-2. So fantastic baseball post season so far and hopefully culminating, needless to say, in a Nats victory later tonight against the Cardinals.

Loser, Big Bird. A lot of secret Big Bird haters came out after the controversy began late last week, and I thought that was healthy.


BAIER: By the way, Jonah Goldberg was a secret Big Bird hater. He came out -- do you remember that, on the panel?

KRAUTHAMMER: He talked about Big Bird's androgyny. That's a clear -- there is a psychological issue going on there.

BAIER: You're going to have to give him –

KRAUTHAMMER: -- free therapy.

BAIER: Free therapy.

KRAUTHAMMER: -- because he needs it, clearly.

BAIER: OK. Last round here. The World Series winner predictions?

KRISTOL: I've got to pick the Nationals now. I picked them mostly with hope but also with some conviction.

POWERS: I don't know anything about sports. So I just picked the Yankees because of New York.

BAIER: Zero? Nothing..No?


KRISTOL: Now the Yankees are going to win. It's always terrible when the person who knows the least makes a pick because they're always right.

KRAUTHAMMER: Absolutely right. [INAUDIBLE] she'll be right. But I'm also -- Nationals over Yankees in seven, but with a lot of heartache on the part of the Nationals because it takes them a long time to win a game.

BAIER: And tonight's game, give me a little rundown. We have 20 seconds here.

KRAUTHAMMER: We got Gio on the mound. He won the most games in the major leagues. A crafty left-hander with a great fastball, and a huge hook, which means we should win. On the other hand, there are the baseball gods and when you say that, they get very angry. So I hope we're not broadcast up there.

BAIER: Alright, how many games do you think you've been to?

KRAUTHAMMER: Too many, that's for sure.

BAIER: Good luck.


KRISTOL: And weren't at the greatest moment of the season so far, not to rub it in but Jayson Werth, 13 pitches, seventh hour balls, walk-off home run. I thought – my first thought is, where is Charles? He's --

BAIER: That's because he was here.


KRISTOL: He was working? Alright, that shows how loyal he is to you guys.

BAIER: He was on the panel.


KRAUTHAMMER: -- that's how I live.

BAIER: We had so much time to spare and now I'm late again. That's it for panel but stay tuned to see a suggestion for the next debate.

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