Common Sense

Cavuto: Fortunes can change quickly in presidential races

2012 election isn't over yet


Yogi Berra was right.

It ain't over 'til it's over

And if the fact we still have more than a month to go of this election year doesn't convince you of that

Maybe a certain stormin' Mormon debating last night will.

Because out of nowhere a challenger is suddenly going somewhere.

No longer given up for dead Mitt Romney's on the warpath and now very much alive.

What a difference 24 hours makes.

The latest reminder that fortunes can change, just like polls.

Just ask Mitt Romney a basket case now making the case for maybe making a president history.

Again, too early to tell.

This swing too shall change.

That's the nature of the political beast.

We forget that.

But any regular viewer of this show knows we are obsessed about that

Because we are obsessed about time.

How many times have I bored a lot of you with my fixation on the things that fixate us?

Until they don't and we're onto fixating on something else.

Yesterday at this time, Mitt Romney was political road kill

Now he's just killing.

Just like Barack Obama was before his convention in August

Until his poll numbers started soaring "after" August.

I'm not smart enough to say whose moment will last just that it's always risking saying, game over.

Especially when it's weeks from being over.

And so many games have yet to be played.