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Cavuto: Fox Business means business

We've got you covered on FBN


Well, back at it...because we love it.

Fox Business Network means it. And I mean it.

You know we're all over your political world on "Your World" and Fox News...

Wait 'til you hear, just wait to you hear what we're planning for you on Fox Business!!

Set to cover the first big debate in fact I'm leaving right after this show.

Just as we have every caucus and primary, convention, and every twist and every turn of this election year.

A lot of you have apparently already put me in your calendar. I appreciate that.

Becky in Denver...

"Neil, I'm tickled to death you're coming to my home town. This 90-year old grandma finds you brilliant and sexy. But relax; I'm long past acting on my fantasies."

Ed via AOL.

"I heard FBN's coverage is going from 8 p.m. right through midnight? Can that be right?"

Yes, Ed, that's right. The last hour we do shots.

Peggy via Yahoo.

"You'd have to be the hardest working guy in TV news, Cavuto, but you don't seem to lose any weight with all your hustling around? You must be pigging out between tapings?"

No, Peggy, it's a thyroid thing. That...and the camera truly does add 50 pounds. It's true.

Elaine in NYC.

"I'll give you credit, Cavuto, you work hard. You don't say anything meaningful. But you do work hard."

Thank you, Elaine. May I suggest old "60 Minutes" re-runs on that other financial channel, for your viewing pleasure?

Paula in Montana.

"My first exposure to Fox Business Network was your mid-term election coverage in 2010. You were non-stop, had the greatest guests...

...and gracefully handled what seemed like six live non-stop hours with ease...I've been hooked on you and FBN since."

Well, thank you, Paula... By the way, that was eight hours that long night...But I loved, and my whole staff loved, every minute of it...especially when we found out later we beat a certain financial channel that night available in more than twice the homes...a preview of what would become coming attractions at the conventions this year.

Thanks to you, we're on a roll. Because FBN serves a role, a valuable role. I always said, if we build it, they will come. If we work hard, they can hardly ignore us. We didn't. You didn't. And here at Fox Business, we're all very, very grateful.

Tom via AOL.

"Ok, Cavuto, I have to admit, Fox Business wouldn't have been my first choice to watch presidential election year coverage...but then when you started talking about the economy and taxes...

...and stuff like that. I tried you out. My wife immediately thought you were brilliant. And I thought for a chubby white guy, you had enormous strength and stamina. I remembered that one night... were covering the Iowa Caucuses and it went 'til three in the morning or some wacky hour... You actually got nutty, and seemed only minutes away from doing a Jerry Lewis bit."

Well, you went to bed too early, Tom...I did. But thank you very much for watching.

And you know it's folks like Tom and his clearly brilliant wife, who I'm hoping to convince Fox Business means business...and about anything having to do with your money, your taxes...other business networks talk a good game on this subject. But we mean it when we say it...this election? We're not electing bankers' hours to cover it...we're all over it.

Kiley in Atlanta.

"I'll be honest, I was surfing channels late during the conventions this summer, and I came upon FBN and you. I couldn't believe all the big names you had on!! Democrats seemed to respect you...

...and Republicans admire you. Everyone, and I mean, everyone talked with you...and I kept squinting to see what and who I was watching. At first I thought it was Bret Baier...

And he really had let himself go. Then I realized, no it's Cavuto, and he hasn't even started...touché, my man...I'll be back. You give chunky, middle-aged, ugly guys hope!"

Kiley...three words:

Built. For. Comfort. It didn't get me anywhere

But I have two more for you...

Starting. Tomorrow.

Denver, 8 p.m. Fox Business.

The network Bret Baier himself turns to when his bosses aren't looking.

It's gotten to the point where my buddy Bret now DVRs...himself. It's true.

Come see for yourself.

You're always front and center at Fox Business. Because we're not just about earnings...we're about earning your respect.

And respecting what you're earning. And paying.

No debating. And our commitment is going to continue the debate.

See Denver.